The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

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The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, Indonesia

Most domestics and foreign tourists visit East Java, Indonesia and curious to know the best places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise. They choose Bromo Tour Package to know the amazing view from various peak and sides. There are some interested places around Mt Bromo that become the main place for photographers to take Mt Bromo Milky Way Tour, Sunrise and other views. To creat a perfect picture need some supports. One of them, You must stay in the nearest hotels or homestay from Mt Bromo and need early morning preparing to reach the highest peaks.

Mount Bromo is the most visited volcano in East Java Indonesia due to its temperature at 15 - 20 degree at day time and 05 - 10 degree centigrade at night, make the visitors feel comfortable and stay endurely. In this moutain, there are some interested places to admire the beauty of Mt Bromo Sunset , sunrise and Milky Way views. They are consist of Love Hill, Kingkong Hill, Mentigen Hill and Seruni Point. From all these places, actually still there is one place which is known as the best places to enjoy the sunrise, namely "Mount Pananjakan" (the highest view point with an altitude 2,770 meters high) this peak known as the best places to enjoy the sunrise because it has a convenience place to admire the view and also has most complete facilities such as toilet, local food stores and nice relax area until become the main destination for visitors.

Mt Bromo  has 2,329 metres above Sea of Level and surrounded by a vast desert that seem like the Giza Pyramids wherein the tourists can enjoy around the desert by horse or by walking, This volcano surrounded of 5,250 hectares of the Sea of Sand and high mountain, it is not the highest peak of other volcanos in Indonesia but is the most well known. It is very popular because consist of steep plateau and hill until become the best places to enjoy Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour.

Some requirements to reach the best places to enjoy the Mount Bromo Sunrise :
  1. Mount Bromo Jeep 4 WD is the most recommended transportation because the Sunrise photography from highest peak (view point) only able by the Jeep, you can find it in rental jeep centre around Cemoro Lawang.
  2. Motor Cycle Rental also recommended to reach Sunrise photography place if there is not available Jeep or have full booked.
  3. You must wake up at 02.30 AM then start visiting at 03.00 AM from the nearby hotel, If you. stay at more far hotel, you must start at 02.00 AM by Private Jeep rental.
  4. For photographer visitors who prefer like photograph for Mount Bromo Milky Way, Sunrise very recommended to started from nearby hotel at 00.00 - 01.00 AM by Private Jeep 4 WD.
According on huge visitors that never saturated admiring the beauty of Sunrise and view at Mt Bromo National Park, They area not only looking for the best places for sunrise photography, but also admiring the beauty of Mt Bromo Sunset. They spend their vacation as their purpose before. Some of them enjoy honeymoon tour with their lovers, some of them looking for the highest peak to take picture for Milky Way, If the visitors have restrict time to visit other touris object in Indonesia, they usually only taking Mount Bromo Midnight tour without stay in the hotel. Bromo Volcano is settled between Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang City, Most domestics and foreign tourists visit this Mount from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali Island. Some of them from Yogjakarta. The nearest way is from Surabaya and Malang city. You can start from Surabaya Airport, Train station or from your hotel. If you are interested to know the best places to enjoy Sunrise on Mt Bromo, you can visit Our Contact.

Mt Bromo Tour from Bali Island, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta :
If You are interested to book Our tour package, You can check to Our partner about Mt Bromo tour price and We Hope You inform Us within 2 - 3 months before in order I can provide all your facility completely according your request. For detail information about Mt Bromo tour price, Accommodation and other facility, You can visit Our Contact.

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