Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Snorkeling, Bali Tour Package 8 Days

Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Snorkeling, Bali Tour Package 8 Days

Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Snorkeling, Bali Tour Package 8 Days provided for visitors who have longer time exploration the beauty of East Java and tourism objects around Bali Island, This tour package recommended for visitors with the flight from Surabaya or Malang Airport then finish Mount Bromo tour package 8 days at Bali Airport.


Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Snorkeling, Bali Island Tour 8 Days 7 Nights

  • Our driver will pick up at Surabaya Airport, Hotel, Train Station and take You to your hotel around Bromo mountain for 4 hours and stay 1 night with free time.
  • Mount Bromo sunrise tour begin at 02.30 AM. Our partner will pick You up using private Jeep 4 WD then take You to Pananjakan (highest peak) for 30 minutes, Reach the jeep Parking on Pananjakan, Do trekking for 15 minutes toward the View Point wherein You will take Mount Bromo Sunrise and other views from this peak.
  • 06.20 AM, Enjoy Mt Bromo sunrise view and other views such as Mount Batok, Kursi, Widodaren and Semeru volcano (highest volcano in Java Island)
  • Afterward, Comeback to your Jeep and take to Sea of Sand then do Mount Bromo trekking for 30 minutes, possible using horse ride for 15 minutes. Enjoy Mount Bromo Crater views until satisfied and comeback to your jeep through same route. At 09.30 AM, Comeback to your hotel, have breakfast, take shower and rest as your please.
  • Around 11.00 AM, Check out and drive You to Hotel around Ijen Crater area for 6 - 7 hours, Reach your Hotel, Stay 1 Night.
  • 01.00 AM, Wake You up for preparing, have breakfast or You can bring your brekafast in box. Start visit Paltuding (Ijen Crater parking lot) for 2 hours, Reach Paltuding, Start  climb for 2 hours accompanied by Our local guide (Ijen Crater trekking condition is not too steep than Semeru trekking condition, The route is straight and easy)
  • 05.00 AM, Reach Ijen Crater peak, enjoy the views for Green Acid Lake, Massive Crater Rim and Sulfur miners activity hauling sulfur from bottom crater.
  • 07.00 AM, finish enjoy Ijen Crater tour package, return to Paltuding through same route then continue your trip and headed to lodge around Pamuteran Bali Island through Banyuwangi Harbor around 5 hours. Chek in and free program.
  • 06.00 AM, Our partner will wake You up for breakfast, take shower and visit Menjangan Island by Snorkeling team. Afterwards back to hotel and check out then drive you to Lovina around 1-2 hours. Check in to your lodge and free program.
  • After breakfast, Take Shower, Check Out. Our driver will accompany you to Lovina beach and take you to see Dolphin in the sea water by tradtional boat. You will enjoy to see Dolphin and it’s really wonderfull exprience. Afterwards back to hotel. Showering, packing, breakfast and check out then heading to Gitgit Waterfall. Gitgit Waterfall it’s a nature Waterfall that make you get the best exprience. After explore Gitgit Waterfall and continue to Bedugul Lake. Bedugul Lake is a beautiful lake that’s in Bali and you will feel amazed there. Then take you to Jatiluwih rice terrace. and then drive you to Kuta. Check in and free program.
  • After breakfast and Drive you to Pandawa Beach, then drive to Dreamland Beach. Afterwards heading to Jimbaran Beach to see and enjoy the beauty of Sunset with seafood menu and it’s was romantic place. After you enjoy this moment then drive to Hotel. Check in and free program.
  • Have Breakfast, then watch Barong Dance.then drive you to Tanah lot, lunch at Local Restaurant, then go to Kuta beach and around Kuta area you an search for typical Balinese such as Jogger, Krisna, Centro etc. After wards Dinner at local restaurant. Back to Hotel and free program.
  • Wake Up, have breakfast, take shower, packing whlie relax enoughly. After check out, drive you to Tanjung Benoa (optional water sport such as: Parasailing, Banana boat, Turtle Island with glass bottom boat ride etc at own cost). Lunch at Local Restaurant and then drive you to Bali Island Airport and Finish Mount Bromo, Ijen, Bali Island tour 8 days.
  • Private driver with English speaking
  • Private AC (air conditioned) transportation from start until finish vacation
  • Transportation fuel, parking fee
  • 7 nights accomodation included breakfast at Mount Bromo, Pamuteran, Lovina and Bali
  • Entrance fee for Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Snorkeling in Menjangan island, Lovina, Gitgit Waterfall, Bedugul Lake and Jatiluwih, and all entrance fee in south of bali
  • Private Jeep for Mount Bromo Sunrise tour (sunrise from highest peak and Mount Bromo Crater)
  • Snorkling Facility (Boat, Snorkling Custom and Local guide)
  • Mineral drinks along your trip
  • Travel responsibility
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Mount Bromo, Ijen volcano, Snorkeling, Bali Tour Package 8 Days

Before You choose Mount Bromo, Ijen, Snorkling, Bali Island Tour Package 8 Days, Hope You find the flight arrival in the morning and flight departure from Denpasar Airport at afternoon.

The temperature on Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater peak is around 03 - 05 degree centigrade. Hope You bring complete clothes such as Jacket, Hat, Trekking Shoes, Gloves, Headlamp and Gass Mask. In order You can make adaption with the cold temperature.

Detail information about Mount Bromo tour package price, Accommodation and other facility, You can visit Our Contact.

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night 

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night is the shortest trip to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo National Park (the most popular volcano in East Java, Indonesia).  The nearest way to enjoy Mt Bromo travel package 2 days is from Surabaya International Airport or Malang Airport in the morning and afternoon. If You start from Banyuwangi, You can begin your trip at 07.00 - 12.00 PM. For visitors who have not time to stay in Hotel around Cemoro Lawang, You can choose Mount Bromo tour package 1 day that started at 07.00 - 08.00 AM.


Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi

  • Our driver will pick You up from Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi than take You to your Hotel around Bromo Cemoro Lawang, Reach your hotel, Stay 1 night while enjoy the circumstance.
  • 02.30 AM, Our partner will pick You up using private Jeep 4 WD then take You to Pananjakan (high peak) for 30 minutes
  • Reach the Pananjakan, do soft trekking toward the view point for 15 minutes, dont forget to use the flashlight (head lamp) because the route condition is dark
  • Get the view point, wait Mount Bromo Sunrise that appears at 05.20 AM. Enjoy the beauty of Sunrise and other views sunch as Mt Batok, Mt Kursi, massive Sea of Sand, the crater view while see the visitors using lights doing Semeru trekking on Mount Semeru (highest volcano in Java Island)
  • 06.30 AM, Finish enjoy the views from Pananjakan, Comeback to your Jeep through same route then continue to the Crater for 20 minutes, Reach the jeep parking, Do Mount Bromo trekking for 30 minutes, You can also use the horse ride for 15 minutes with the price IDR. 300,000 / 1 horse (start and comeback)
  • Enjoy the Crater view until finish at 09.00 AM, then return to your Jeep through same route (in the middle the route to jeep parking, You can stop taking picture for hinduism temples)
  • Reach the Jeep parking, comeback to your hotel, have breakfast, take shower and relax as you want until ready for check Out
  • 11.00 AM, Check out and return to Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi depend on your request, After You get your location request, Mt Bromo tour package 2 days is finish.

  1. Local english speaking driver
  2. Private AC (air conditioned) Car, Fuel and parking fee from start until finish tour
  3. Mineral drinks along the trip
  4. Entrance fee for Mount Bromo National Park
  5. 1 Night accommodation included breakfast around Mt Bromo 
  6. Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo tour package (sunrise from highest peak, crater, sea of sand)
  7. Travel responsibility
  8. First aid kit
  1. Lunch and dinner
  2. Horse riding transportation
  3. Madakaripura Waterfall
  4. Personal Expense
  5. Tips
Before You start your trip Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night, Hope You bring complete equipments like Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Trekking Shoes and other suitable tools because the temperature on Mt Bromo Peak around 03 - 05 degree centigrade. 

Due to this volcano is the most visited tourism in East Java, Hope You make a tour booking within 1 - 2 months before, In order We can provide the facility completely. Detail information about Mount Bromo tour package price, You can visit Our Contact.

The Entrance Ticket Price For Mount Bromo  

The Entrance Ticket Price For Mount Bromo

The Entrance Ticket Price For Mount Bromo is the most important information must known before entering this tourism. The cost of Mount Bromo entrance ticket sometime changed into higher and lower depend on the season, It is have commonly happened especially when the holiday, weekday and weekend coming.

According the popularity of nature tourism in Java Island Indonesia, Mount Bromo categorized as the first grade that have high value in its nature beauty because this mountain has various interested peaks to see  the Sunrise, Sunset and Milky Way Photography. So that, The entrance fee price for Mount Bromo is very high. Not only entrance ticket price but also accommodation, Jeep rental and other facilities have high rate.

Some Interesting Satisfaction Enjoy Mount Bromo Views
Mount Bromo located in Ngadisari village of Probolinggo City, East Java province. The communities around Mt Bromo mostly hinduism who have special anniversary named "The Yadnya Kasada Mount Bromo" celabrated between July - August month annually. It stands at 2329 m, It sits inside the massive Tengger caldera (volcanic crater with a diameter approximately 10km), surrounded by the Laut Pasir (sea of sand) of fine volcanic sand.

Most people known the word "Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour" because Bromo volcano itself firstly welknown with its Sunrise photography mostly took from Pananjakan (highest peak with elevation 2,770 meters), Seruni Point (second highest peak with elevation 2,600 meters), Kinkong Peak ( with elevation 2,500 meters), Love Peak or Love Hill (with elevation 2,300 meters). All this peaks only possible reached by Jeep 4 WD, also possible by trekking. Some visitors choose Mount Bromo trekking to see Sunrise because They will have more relax time explore the surrounded views.

The second views of Mount Bromo is the Crater that always belches huge sulfuric smokes all time. the rim condition already has gray color due to its eruption history had occured bigly on the last eruption since 2010 - 2011 and got stable on January 2012. Other views can be visited such as Savanna Hill (a massive green grassland plainly surrounded by high mountain) and Whispering Sand (massive black sand surrounded by mountain), This black sand known as Whispering Sand due to resulted a calm voice when hard wind blowed.

Although the Entrance fee cost for Mount Bromo and its tour facility very high, Most people still heavy visit Mount Bromo National Park every season. with the result, this tourism able creat the high value in its popularity and able result very impressed memory.

The difference price for Entrance ticket in Mt Bromo :

  1. For Usual day, the entrance ticket cost is IDR. 27,500,000
  2. For Weekday and Weekend or Holiday, The entrance ticket cost is IDR. 32,500,000
  1. For usual day, the entrance ticket cost is IDR. 220,000
  2. For Weekday and Weekend or Holiday, The entrance ticket cost is IDR. 320,000
  3. For Kitas (temporary ID), Have not valid in Mt Bromo
Before You start your vacation to Mount Bromo National Park, Hope You bring a mountain clothes such as Jacket, Hat, Gloves, Long Pants, Raincoat if rainy season, Trekking Shoes and Mouth Mask, In order You can make adaption well because the temperature on Mount Bromo peak in the morning between 03 - 05 degree centigrade.

If You are interested taking Bromo Tour Package, Hope You make your booking within 1 - 2 months before your planning, In order You have enough accommodation and other facilities. Detail information about Mount Bromo tour package price, You can visit Our contact.

Mount Argopuro, Probolinggo East Java

Mount Argopuro, Probolinggo East Java

Mount Argopuro or Argopura Volcano is one of the volcano with elevation 3,088 meters, located in Probolinggo, East Java Indonesia. Argopuro Mountain is in Iyang Mountain range that has various peaks under the supervision of Sub BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center) of Jember region. Mount Argopuro has the longest climbing path than other mountains like Mount Semeru climbing, Mount Bromo Trekking and Ijen Crater treking and other islands of Java. It has a historical relic from prehistoric times until the Japanese occupation. Arjuno Mountain possible reached from Surabaya, Malang and Banyuwangi.

Taman Hidup Lake

Climbing Route for Mount Argopuro 

Route from Bremi Village :
  1. The route to Argopura Mountain from Bremi Village is the most recoomeded through Baderan, Besuki regency or through the Bremi village, Probolinggo. But generally the climbers use the Bremi village Line of Probolinggo toward Baderan Situbondo. taking this route for the reasons due to has closer to the summit. To find the route from Bremi village, You can take the public Bus normally available 2 times a day from Probolinggo Bus station at 06.00 AM and 12.00 PM. The bus will take us directly to Bremi, Krucil for 2 hours. Arriving at Bremi, You must report to KSDA office (Nature Conservation Agency; Indonesia) and POLSEK (regency police) of Krucil, Bremi to ask for climb permission.
  2. In Bremi villge, You must stay 1 night then start Mount Arjuno Climbing on the second day morning (In this village have avalible the homestay or lodge)
  3. The next day after breakfast, take shower, Check Out, Start trekking cross the rocky roud to the Ayer Dingin  Plantation (Cold Water Plantation), approached the Plantation gate turning right into Taman Hidup  Lake (1,900 m). Travel through natural forests production and pine forests and You will find many slopes that have a high slope. The journey takes 4 hours climbing, You will arrive at Taman Hidup Lake (a very beautiful lake surrounded by mountain slopes that have a dense vegetation. The diversity of aquatic animals can be encountered as well as many animals wandering around.
  4. Taman Hidup Lake is very beautiful, but do not ever clap your hands or load scream because the fog will come down and close the way to Your campsite. Do not joke around the camp because there are many mystical things that still reside there.
  5. Caution !! Along the way, especially at the beginning of the journey through the Bremi path we will encounter many Leeches and fire-fire plants on either side. So, very suggested to protect yourself with long-sleeved shirts and gaiters.
  6. After a 7 hour walk through the Damar and tropical forest plantations of Bremi, You will arrive at Aeng Kenek area. Arriving at Aeng Kenek area, continue trekking 1 hour more, and arrive at Aeng Poteh or Cisentor, which is the crossroads leading to the summit and towards Baderan. In Aeng Poteh, there is a clear flowing river water with whitish, So this river called Aeng Poteh (white color river
  7. After about 1 hour 45 minutes to the summit, You will pass the Embik Rawa area, where there is a river which is a place to drink of mountain goats. Along the way there are plenty of places to set up tents, and the water is plenty. It takes 1 hour to reach Rengganis Peak (2,920 m.dpl).
  8. At Mount Argopuro, the peak that is frequently visited is Rengganis Peak, Argopuro Peak (3,088 m.dpl) rarely visited because the road is covered with dense forest. At Rengga Peak
  9. The trip to Mount Argopuro about 20 hours to climb and 11 hours for return, so You must stop step by step to set up a tent on the way. Therefore, warm clothes and sleeping gear (sleeping bags, mattresses, tents etc.) and cookware must provided.

If You are interested to enjoy Mount Argopura trekking, You must have a good health because Argopuro trekking has 4 days 3 nights duration. Hope You bring complete equipments such as jacket, gloves, long pants, trekking pole, hat and trekking shoes. For detail information about Argopura trekking package, price and facility, You can visit Our Contact.

Mount Argopuro, East Java Indonesia

Mount Welirang and Arjuna Trekking Package 4 Days

Mount Wlirang and Arjuna Trekking Package 4 Days

Mount Welirang and Arjuna Trekking Package 4 Days is special climbing package for visitors who have a hobby in volcano climbing. This tour package have similar duration with Semeru trekking package 4 days 2 nights camping. the different only in trekking route that started from Tretes village. Arjuna, Wlirang Climbing Package have a great challenge than Semeru Climbing Package.  because the visitors will spend their time in 2 high volcano. To enjoy Wlirang Volcano and Arjuna climbing, You can start from Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi at 04.00 - 05.00 AM, If you can not start at early morning, You can stay 1 night first in the hotel around Tretes village.

Welirang, Arjuna volcano trekking tour package will finish at 03.00 - 04.00 PM. Finish enjoy Arjuna, Mount Wlirang Trekking, If You have more time, You can continue to Mt Bromo area to enjoy Mt Bromo Sunrise tour Or you just comback to Surabaya, Malang or Banyuwangi. Detail itinerary, You can read more below.

Welirang Volcano, Arjuna Trekking Package 4 Days

  • Pick you Up by private AC (air conditioned) Car in Surabaya Airport, Malang, Banyuwangi Harbor or Bali, then continue to your hotel around Tretes for 5 hours then stay 1 night while enjoy the circumstance.
  • Wake you up for breakfast, take shower, Check Out and visit tretes village or Batu Village then climb to Lembah Kijang base camp for 5 hours wherein the visitors usually make a rest before cotinue trekking to Welirang and Arjuno volcano, a base camp on the foot of Mt. Welirang (3,156 m). Passing through the locals farmland, meet the friendly local peoples doing work. Beside passing local farmland, we wil also passing a dense jungle where most deer and other kind of faunas living. Lembah Kijang is a main basecamp to Arjuna summit. Stay overnight on the camp gound.
  • After breakfast, Starting for trekking to Kokopan / Lembah Kijang camp (base camp of Sulfur mining people), trekking will be take 5-7 hours. Stay Overnight here. At night, You will hear the deers voice loudly calling their mate. If we are lucky, we will also can see some of them. Before dawn, trekking to the summit of Welirang and Arjuna Volcano, Strat trekking to Wlirang summit normally 7 hours, Reach the rim, Enjoy Mount Wlirang Sunrise. Arrive back at the basecamp about 10.00. rest time after the 7 hrs of rough hiking.
  • Anther summit attack today, but more interesting. From this basecamp, You will pass two small peaks / hills which named Puncak Kembar (twin summits) of Wlirang and Arjuno Volcano. Normally need 3 - 4 hours to reach the Arjuno summit, Enjoy Mount Arjuna Sunrise and view.
  • Comeback to the basecamp and then move to Lawang. Lawang is the name of small tea plantation near the highland of Tretes. You will stay here at the simple accommodation which belong to the tea estate. Its view is very spectacular, lush tea vegetation with towering mountains background. Also can enjoy the local poeple activity in Tea Plantaion Then continue to your hotel in Surabaya or Surabaya Airport for 4 hours, Arrive in Surabaya, Finish Welirang Arjuno Climbing Package 4 Days
  • English speaking driver
  • Private AC (air conditioned) Car from start until finish
  • Transportation fuel, travel tax and parking fee 
  • Entrance fee for all tourism according itinerary
  • Meal with BLD (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 
  • Porter team for climbing service during climbing
  • 1 Night and Breakfast in Hotel around Tretes Village
  • 2 Nights Camping on Wlirang and Arjuna Summit
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Welirang Arjuna trekking facilities (porters, tent, sleeping bed, hot water, coffee or tea)
Mount Bromo Tour Package from Bali, Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta :

The Wonderful of Ijen Volcano, East Java

The Wonderful of Ijen Volcano, East Java

The Wonderful of Ijen Volcano, East Java is an active volcano that always belches huge of sulfuric smokes and included in a group of stratovolcanoes in East Java Island. This mount located in the middle of Bondowoso and Banyuwangi regency exactly about 32 km to the north west of Banyuwangi regency. Ijen Crater has 2,368 meters high above sea level with 200 meters deep that contains about 36 million cubic of acid steam water.

The principal attraction at Mount Ijen is the large of crater lake that has much sulfur and tobe one of the Sulfur mining resource in the world until tobe the site of a labor intensive sulfur mining operation. In which, sulfur-laden baskets are carried by sulfur miners from the crater floor by using an iron equipment like hammer and crowbar to cut some clods of sulfur into little piece and moved to the baskets have been provided before then brough to the Bundar post to weigh it and get it’s weight report in paper form afterwad. They brough it to the warehouse to earn salary. They bring loads of sulfur from the crater at least 60-80kg, maximum 100kg in each hauling, depend on their strength.
Blue Flame Mount Ijen known as the most wonderful crater in Indonesia. It is a natural process of Crater that occurred all nights begin at 18:00 PM and finish at 05:00 AM, Blue Flame always flame up from the crater seems like the gas stove flame with huge of flaming up about 600° celcius heat, seem very wonderful from the nearby place. Blue Flame is the result of the last eruption at 1990, eventually form unique and spectacular.

To visit the Blue Flame Ijen Volcano, need to start from the nearby Hotel of Ijen area at 00:30 AM early morning or 01:00 AM by car or motorcycle then stop at paltuding (parking area), then start trekking to the top of Ijen volcano for 1 hour or 3 kilometers by using flashlight, trekking pole and mouth mask. Along the trekking from the top to the bottom crater is very recommended to use the local guide because the path condition is rocky and stony. you can also use the local guide from paltuding (parking area) until finish trekking because local guide not only accompany the trekking but also show the way to the top of Mount Ijen, help to take picture, give the high care and guide the visitors into the safty way with their instruction.

Ijen Crater is one of the nature attraction in Banyuwangi. Beside Ijen Crater Volcano, other interested place around Banyuwangi consist of Sukamade Beach tour, Plengkung Beach, Wau Dodol Beach, Green Bay Beach, Pulau Merah Beach and many more.

Mt Bromo Tour from Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Malang :
Ijen Crater located at between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, If You are interested to enjoy Ijen Crater Tour, the nearest way is from Banyuwangi Harbor only 2 hours driving by Car or motorbike But If You start Your trip from Surabaya, You can take the arrival time in the morning because from Surabaya is 7 hours driving. 

Detail information about facility of Bromo Tour, Ijen Crater Package and Mt Bromo Tour Price , You can visit Our Contact.

The Wonderful of Ijen Volcano, East Java