Lider Waterfall Banyuwangi

Lider Waterfall is one of the natural Waterfall in Banyuwangi that Located on the slopes of the Raung Volcano. This Waterfall almost have similar high with Madakaripura Waterfall Mt Bromo with elevation 60 meters. This is the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi . Sprinkling water that bounces and exposed to sunlight will bring up the colorful rainbow make more stunning scenery. 

According Geographic, Lider Waterfall located in Sragi hamlet, Sumber Arum village of Songgon subdistrict about 45 KM from Banyuwangi city. Air Terjun Lider located in hidden place and being in the wilderness make its atmosphere very fresh and cool.

Lider Waterfall Banyuwangi with a height 60 meters and1300 meters above sea level, make this place tobe the best and highest waterfall in Banyuwangi. very suggested tobe careful if you want to bathe in this waterfall because of the swift splash of waterfalls that can make your body cold and could - could return from the waterfall you will feel sick with fever or sore ears. Named Lider because this waterfall located in the block lider 

To reach The Lider Waterfall, You must cross an extreme route, After you reach the parking lot under Bringin trees, You have to walk up to the waterfall. The road is not smooth and flat descend down the hill to the river. Afteward, You have to cross the river and pass through the jungle, Continue cross the river again as much as 7 times. If you are lucky you will see local animals such as monkeys, birds , butterflies and other animals.

Before arrive the location, You will find a small waterfall on the left road. If you already find this waterfall means that almost get the Lider Waterfall location. During the trip, You will find some leaves covered by sand because the eruption of Mount Raung, But it is normally has clear due to the rain cleaned it.

If your location in Banyuwangi, You can take the route through Songgon . The distance is about 45 KM from Banyuwangi city, then towards to Sumberarum Sragi, arrive in 4 arum source, turn right and follow the small road, You will meet local farmers were harvesting cloves.

If you are from Jember, You should take through Genteng towards Sempu about 7 KM , after that you must pass through the Jambewangi village of Sumber Arum within about 7 KM then reach to Lider Waterfall.

Beside Lider Waterfall Banyuwangi other tourism in Banyuwangi will found such as Pulau Merah Beach or Red Island Coast, You can also enjoy an active volcano in Java Island, Indonesia Such as Ijen Crater and Mount Bromo. On Ijen volcano, You will able enjoy Blue Flame Ijen Volcano that always appears all night and need 1,5 trekking from parking lot (Paltuding), this Ijen Crater located in between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso district, the nearest way is from Banyuwangi Port and possible from Bali Island or Surabaya Airport.

Before enjoy your holiday to some popular waterfall around Banyuwangi, You can try your vacation to spend your time in various nature tourism, Below is the combination tour package may you like to find.

Mt Bromo Tour Package from Bali, Malang, Banyuwangi, Jogjakarta and Surabaya :
If you need more information about Bromo Tour Package, You can request Our partner about Tour Package Price, Facility and Accommodation, We will open Our service within 24 hours for your satisfaction, Detailly, You visit Our Contact.

Rawa Bayu, Banyuwangi

Rawa Bayu, Banyuwangi

Rawa Bayu also said Rowo Bayu is a an interesting swamp located in Banyuwangi that still overgrown plants on the right and left unexploited and Protected Forest Areas. The beauty of wildlife and fauna in the marsh wind make all visitors never stop visit this swamp. Rowo Bayu Banyuwangi comes from the word ROWO which means "marsh" While the word BAYU is "wind" comes from the name of the village "Bayu village". Located on state forest plot 8, Bayu village, Songgon subdistrict, Banyuwangi, East Java. The location is at an altitude of 800 meters in less more differences sea level, so the Air region very cool and fresh. The area of ​​the lake about 50 meter diameter, confined with dense forests and growth of various trees. As a result, the sun rays also painstakingly make the circumstance seem noon as though the sink Sun.

Besides the searchers enjoy the beauty of Rowo Bayu, this swamp also famous with its history, reputedly said that this lake, store Blambangan History which is full of tears and blood droplets. At one one of the side, The Edge of the lake there was Petilasan King Blambangan Tawang Alun when meditated prayer contemplating his brother's death that fought against herself.

According the communities tales, a lot of local people gathering around to Rowo Bayu Swamp every December commemorate the Anniversary of Banyuwangi or Frequently called HARJABA. As well as in this area there is a hundreds of yesrs aged tree grow up strongly, the tree is combined from the Banyan tree and Apak tree, on the middle wood have a cavity resembles a winding cave with the roots of the tree section. Beside of Rowo Swamp stand a temple building appears Sturdy Standing on the Yang Hill. According to local caretaker called the temple highlight the great white tiger. Yang Hill was established to respect the spirits of the ancestors That review has contributed to maintaining soil Blambangan hearts wind Puputan War Year 1771. That said, the area the singer first used the wind blowing War fighters hiding and regulate development of strategies against the Company.

Also there is a Singer Building provide springs, believed to be holy springs, which accommodated Inside of pool (spring). There are three springs (spring) Singer in place include:
  1. Spring keputren.
  2. Spring Wigangga (Form Shower statue That Shaped A woman carrying jug (an ancient place of air).
  3. Spring Kamulyan (Right in Rear building ruins). The singer Simultaneously Being petilasan place prabu Tawangalun
In addition, The spring streaming also used by PU department for rice field irrigation and fields in the village of Wind and Surrounding Areas.

Rowo Bayu located about 35 km from the city center banyuwangi or 35 km from Genteng Subdistrict, to review the singer area was not difficult from Genteng Banyuwangi. Visitors reach by personal vehicles (cars and motorized) and passing rice fields route.

Rawa Bayu Banyuwangi is one of the interested Beach in East Java Island that still located in Banyuwangi Tourism. Other interested places in this regency consist of Plengkung Beach that know as G-Land BeachRajegwesi Beach, Pulau Merah, Kalibaru Plantation, Baluran National Park. Not too far from Banyuwangi Harbor, there is the popular and beautiful Crater in Indonesia that known as Blue Flame Ijen Crater.  This Crater only reach 2 hours from Banyuwangi Port using a public transportation or Motorbike.

Banyuwangi is one of Indonesia Regency that consist of Various Tourism, You will find interested place such as Surfing in G-Land Coast, Turtle Observation in Sukamade Beach, Historical site in Alas Purwo, Waterfall and Mountain Trekking at Raung and Ijen Volcano and others, Your vacation will be colourful after you combine you tour with many some popular tourism around Watu Dodol Banyuwangi. If you are interested to enjoy vacation to Java Island, You can detail of Our tour package combination below.

Mount Bromo Tour from Bali Island, Malang, Jogjakarta, Banyuwangi and Surabaya :
If You are interested to enjoy the nature tourism in East Java, Indonesia. You can visit Bromo Tour Package Combination between Banyuwangi and other tourism objects in Java Island Indonesia, You can inform Our partner to get information about tour package price and facility.

Kalibaru Plantation in Banyuwangi, East Java

Kalibaru Plantation in Banyuwangi, East Java

Kalibaru Plantation is one of nature tourism object located in Banyuwangi, East Java Indonesia. this plantation has 12 hectares, popular for foreign tourist and also domestic tourist. It has ease of access from Bali, which us just 6 hours drive plus crosssing the narrow Bali Strait to Banyuwangi. And from Surabaya can be reached either by train or car. Trip from Surabaya to Kalibaru takes 6 hours. Kalibaru Banyuwangi can be enjoyed after finish from Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater tour 3 Days because these tourism still in East Java Tourism.

If You want to start your journey from Surabaya, after reaching Jember tropical atmosphere welcomes visitors with its rural villages, rice paddy terraces, plantation and local people life. Entering Mt Gumitir another amazing vista of primary forest spoil the eyes. If visitors take train mode of transport, along Merawan forest will emblazon the train glass window, and train will pass the historical tunnel that was built in the early 20th century in the periode of Dutch Colonialism.

Along the way to Kalibaru from Jember, range of plantation vegetation grow fertile from coffee, cacao, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanily, pepper and tropical fruits. In Kalibaru, there is a resort for a nice stay where visitors can see the making of coconut sugar and local people climb and tapping the blossom of coconut tree and processed traditionally to be sweet, delicious palm sugar. Not only that, tourists can also visit dairy cows, cheese making process, technology of bio gas energy and vanily garden. Or else, river situated in the plantation is ready to give white water rafting enthusiast to give a shot to the rapids it has.

Other interesting to see is the process of rubber from tapping to raw rubber for factory supply and the processing of cocoa, the basic material of chocolate.
Kalibaru Plantation gains its popularity among foreign travelers because of a retiree of PTPN (State Plantation Firm) that started a simple homestay in the midst of his private plantation that he inherited from his parents. Started in 1975 and got more popularity in 2000, not only among Dutch tourists that have long history with the area but also french and other nationalities.

Beside Kalibaru Plantation Banyuwangi, You can also enjoy an active volcano in Java, Indonesia Such as Ijen Crater tour Package 3 Days and Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour. On Ijen volcano, You will able enjoy Blue Flame Ijen Volcano that always appears all night and need 1,5 trekking from parking lot (Paltuding), this Ijen Crater located in between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso district, the nearest way is from Banyuwangi Port and possible from Bali Island or Surabaya Airport. Detail information about Bromo Tour Package, accommodation and other facilities, You can visit Our Contact.

Other interested tourism in East Java, Indonesia You can read detail itinerary below :

Kalibaru Banyuwangi, East Java

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, Indonesia

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, Indonesia

Most domestics and foreign tourists visit Indonesia and curious to know the best places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise. They enjoy Bromo Tour Package to know the amazing view from various peak and sides. There are some interested places around Mt Bromo which also become the main major for photographers and other nature admirer. Some of them choose to stay in the nearest hotel in order they can admire the beauty Mt Bromo view from their hotels.

Mount Bromo is the most visited tourism object in East Java Province Indonesia due to its temperature at 15 - 20 degree at day time and 05 - 10 degree centigrade at night, make the visitors feel comfortable and stay endurely. In Mount Bromo national park there are some interested places to admire the beauty of sunrise, they consist of Love Hill, Kingkong Hill, Mentigen Hill and Seruni Point. From all these places, actually still there is one place which is known as the best places to enjoy the sunrise, namely "Mount Pananjakan" or the highest view point with an altitude 2,770 meters high, this peak known as the best places to enjoy the sunrise because it has a convenience place to admire the view and also has most complete facilities such as toilet, local food stores and nice relax area until become the main destination for visitors.

Mount Bromo is the best tourism object to enjoy the sunrise in East Java Province, Indonesia , it has 2,329 metres above Sea of Level and surrounded by a vast desert that seem like the Giza Pyramids wherein the tourists can enjoy around the desert by camel and in Mt Bromo only using the horse that had been rented for visitors, This mount surrounded of 5,250 hectares of the Sea of Sand and high mountain, it is not the highest peak of other volcanos in Indonesia but is the most well known. This mountain is very popular because consist of steep plateau and hill until become the best places to enjoy Mt Bromo Sunrise Tour.

Some requirements to reach the best places to enjoy the Mount Bromo Sunrise :
  1. Mount Bromo Jeep 4 WD is the most recommended transportation because the highest peak (view point) only able by the Jeep, you can find it in rental jeep centre in Mount Bromo.
  2. Motor Vehicle Rental is also recommended if there is not available Jeep or have full booked.
  3. You must wake up at 02.30 AM then start visiting at 03.00 AM from the nearby hotel, If you. stay at more far hotel, you must start at 02.00 AM by the Bromo Jeep rental.
  4. For photographer visitors, very recommended to started from nearby hotel at 01.00 AM by the Jeep to get Bromo Milky Way.
According on huge visitors that never saturated admiring the beauty of Mount Bromo National Park, They visit Mt Bromo not only looking for the best places to visit the sunrise, but also admiring the beauty of Mt Bromo Sunset. They spend their vacation as their purpose before. Some of them enjoy honeymoon tour with their lovers, some of them looking for the highest peak to take picture for Milky Way, If the visitors have restrict time to visit other touris object in Indonesia, they usually only taking Mount Bromo Midnight tour without stay in the hotel. Bromo Volcano is settled between Probolinggo, Malang, Pasuruan and Lumajang City, Most domestics and foreign tourists visit this Mount from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali Island. Some of them from jogjakarta. The nearest way to visit Mount Bromo is from Surabaya and Malang city. You can start from Surabaya Airport, Train station or from your hotel. If you are interested to know the best places to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise of Indonesia, you can visit Our Contact.

Mount Bromo Tour Package from Bali Island, Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta :

Mount Bromo Sunrise 

Payangan Beach, Jember East Java

Payangan beach Jember is lies on the high hill of Jember regency, East Java Indonesia.  This beach provide natural beautiful scenery has been a part of poplular Beach in Jember. Pantai Payangan Jember  located closed to Watu Ulo Beach and Papuma (Pasir Putih Malikan). Payangan has black sand with some grass growing on the edge of the beach. In the midst of the beach you can find gorgeous stones and savanna on the southern side as well as the parking of fishing boats of Payangan fishermen that lined up neatly. This beach has one island, three hills, and four beaches. This a hidden beach that very beautiful. Situated in Payangan hamlet, Sumberejo village, Ambulu district, Jember regency of East Java.

The activities can do in this beach is fishing and typical Sea food of grilled fish which will be offer of some vendors around the beach with a variety of marine fish and playgrounds for the visitors. There is also a center sale of fresh fish to bring home. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise moment in Payangan beach. You can visit this beach with your friends or families to explore your travel.

The beach can be reached by using a two or four-wheeled vehicles. For the travel routes, you can go from the town of Jember towards Ambulu. After reaching Ambulu intersection, you can follow the way instructions to Watu Ulo then you will arrive at Payangan Beach.

Closed to Payangan Jember, You will see the high hill named "Samboja Hill" or usually said Bukit Samboja, This hill has a beutiful panorama that closed to other Peak and completed with convenience rest area. Samboja Peak, Also provide the best place for Milky Way photography, You will have much time and suitable peak such as the Peak to Mt Bromo Milky Way Photography and Milky Way on Ijen Volcano.

If You first time visit Jember Tourism, You can start your trip from Surabaya or Malang for 6 hours driving, If you want to get nearer, You can start from Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor for 4 hours by Car or Motorcycle. There are more comfortable lodge in Jember to stay 1 night, from Jember City is about 2,5 hours.

Enjoy The Payangan, Papuma Beach and Samboja Hill very possible after finish enjoy Mt Bromo, Ijen Crater tour, If you have 4 days 3 nights duration. For detail information about tour package option for Nature Tourism in East Java, Indonesia, You can read below.

Mount Bromo Tour Package from Bali, Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta :

Payangan Coast Jember is one of the interested around East Java to enjoy the Sunrise from the high Peak, If you are interested to explore other nature tourism, You can visit Our Contact for detail itinerary, Tour Package Price and Our private facility.

Pantai Payangan Jember, East Java

Mount Bromo Tour Package Options

Mount Bromo - Bromo Java Travel

BROMO JAVA TRAVEL provides Mt Bromo Private Tour for domestics and foreign visitors especially for East Java Province Indonesia. Our tour package consist of all tourism objects in Java Indonesia, such as Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall, Ijen Crater, Songa Rafting, Papuma Rocky Beach, Coban Rondo Waterfall and other tourism objects. Based on the difference of the customers order, Our tour package have a combination tour option by ordering in private, group, personal or family and also give the option for customers  to make Custom Tour (according on the customer order) We always organize the tour with different picking up, depending on the visitors arrival. begin from Surabaya Airport, Hotel, Train Station, Bus Station, Malang City, Bali Island and other location with the air conditioned transportation.

Mount Bromo
is one of  the best destination of tourism object for domestic and foreign tourist in east java province of Indonesia it’s location exactly in the middle between probolinggo, pasuruan, malang and lumajang regency. Mount Bromo has 2,329 metres (7,641 feet) above sea level and it is an active volcano has been a part of the Tengger massive in East Java, Indonesia. Bromo is not the highest peak of the massif but it is the most well known because Mount Bromo sits in the middle of a vast plain called the “Sea of Sand”and surrounded by high and green colour of mountain until become one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java.

How To Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise
JEEP 4WD (four wheel drive) is the most suggested transportation and special to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, by The Jeep 4WD you can start from Mount Bromo Hotel area at 03:00 AM for about 30 minutes driving to the view point or Mount Pananjakan (the highest peak in ,Mount Bromo area) at 2,770 m above sea level or 9,088 feet. after you get the stop of Mount Panajakan then take a walk to view point and wait for Sunrise rising at 05 : 20 AM in rest area then start your time to see Mount Bromo sunrise, Mount Semeru (the highest mount in East Java) at 3,676 m (12,060 feet) and also all the other mountains like Mount Batok, Mount Kursi, Mount Widodaren, Mount Watangan. after finish, comeback to the jeep then continued to the second stop at sea of sand and start to walk to the top of Mount Bromo for about 20 or 25 minutes by walking or you can take the horse riding transportation for 15 minutes to front of stairs which has 240steps. after finish enjoy Mount Bromo crater, you can continue to Savana Hill and Whispering Sand for 20 minutes from Sea of Sand parking lot or directly comeback to the hotel.

Our tour package Facilities :
   1.  Private AC (air conditioned) tourist car
   2.  Professional Driver
   3.  English tour guide (custom order)
   3.  Mineral drinking along the tour
   5.  Entrance Fee for tourism objects
   6.  Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo Tour
   7.  Hotel and Breakfast
   8.  Porters for mountain trekking (custom order)
   9.  Local guide (custom order)
   8.  Parking fee

Mount Bromo Tour Package From Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta and Bali :

  1. Mt Bromo Midnight without hotel (1 Night - 1 Day)
  2. Mt Bromo Honeymoon Package (2 Days)
  3. Mt Bromo Milky Way, Ijen Tour 3 Days
  4. Mt Bromo and Ijen Crater Tour (3 Days)
  5. Mt Bromo and Kumbolo Lake Trekking (3 Days)
  6. Mt Bromo and Madakaripura Waterfall (2Days)
  7. Mt Bromo, Songa Rafting and Ijen Crater (3 Days)
  8. Mt Semeru Trekking and Mt Bromo (4 Days)
  9. Mt. Bromo,Mada Waterfall,Malang City (3 Days)
  10. Papuma Beach Sunrise, Ijen Crater, M Bromo (3 Days)
  11. Pulau sempu, mount bromo tour (3 Days)
  12. Songa Rafting and Mount Bromo Tour (2 Days)
  13. Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour (4 Days)
  14. Surabaya City Tour 2 Days
For detail information about Our Tour Package Price, Hotel Booking, Jeep Bromo Rental, bromo tour package price and Custom Tour (personal planning), you can discuss by Contact Us here

Mount Bromo Tour Package Option