Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour by Camping

Milky Way Tour Package

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour by Camping

 Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour by Camping

Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour by Camping is an astronomy photography package, wherein the photographers usually looking for galaxy position on the highest peak along night. the process for Mount Bromo Milky Way not enough for short time, You must able stand your tripod begin 09.00 PM until 04.30 PM to create the perfect Milky Way picture.

In conjunction with the duration of Bromo Milky Way photography tour process, We provided Mt Bromo Milky Way Tour package by Camping, because of the temperature on the highest peaks between 03 - 05 degree centigrade or very cold. In this time, You will stay 1 night by camp on Bromo peak, enjoy hot tea, coffee or snack, while waiting for the Milky Way position using special photography tools have You prepared.

Mt Bromo Milky Way photography Package by Camping

Mt Bromo Camping tour package will give better atmosphere whenever You need to shoot the Milky Way all nights from your camping place. Also, give much opportunity feel the natural atmosphere of Mt Bromo national park especially for Bromo sunrise tour package. Some travelers prefer to choose to take the Mt Bromo Milky Way Photography from nearby hotels because they have known that the temperature on the campsite is very cold.

The best place for Mt Bromo Milky Way tour package by Camping

1. Pananjakan Peak
Pananjakan known as the highest peak with elevation at 2,770 meters high, Pananjakan Peak is the most recommended place for Mount Bromo Camping tour 2 days 1 night during the Milky Way Photography tour at Mt Bromo peak but the tourist recommended using the private jeep 4 WD from Cemoro Lawang because the route to this peak is very steep, Pananjakan not only good for the Milky Way photography tour package, but also good for Camp and sunrise photography tour package. From Pananjakan, You will also able see Semeru volcano summit have known as the highest volcano in Java Island Indonesia. If You are interested to try Semeru volcano hiking tour, You can choose on April - November because start december - march normally closed due to rainy season.

2. Kinkong Peak
Kingkong peak located lower than Pananjakan viewpoint, Kinkong place has 2,750 meters high, Kinkong Hill also recommended place for Bromo camping package for Milky Way Photograph. from Kingkong plateau, You will also able to see the sunrise and Crater rim but You must using the organized jeep 4 WD because steep route and location still one way toward Pananjakan.

3. Seruni Peak
Seruni Point known as the second place to enjoy Galaxy Photography by Camp, the location is not too far from Cemoro Lawang, If You visit the Seruni Point by trekking, the trekking durated 2 hours. Make a camp on Seuni Point also give You much chance to see Milky Way appearance because this top have good place to see the Milky Way, Sunrise, Crater and other views.  

Before you plan for Mt Bromo Milky Way Camping, You can read detail requirements below :
  1. Milky Way Photography must be supported with the camera setting manually and the technique of Long Exposure Wherein the shutter speed/exposure time can be set up to a few seconds.
  2. The night sky must free of light pollution. It is meant that, the night sky must free of city lights and the sky clean of air pollution (smog), cloud and fog.
  3. You must use the best Camera for Milky Way Photography, such as Canon EOS 500D and other Camera Type prefer you need
  4. Set your camera manually into ISO 3,200 (the higher ISO will be better because it is sensitive to the light)
  5. Use F4.0 (smaller numeral) and Picture Style Landscape
  6. Exposure time into 30″ (30 detik)
  7. Raw image quality into RAW + L or adjust memory capacity may use the Small , Medium or Large.
Detail facility for Bromo Milky Way tour Package :
  • Local driver with English speaking
  • Private Air Conditioned transportation from starting until finish the Mount Bromo tour package
  • Transportation fuel and parking fee along trip
  • Entrance fee for Bromo National Park
  • Private Jeep 4 WD to take You to the campsite on high peak
  • Private Jeep for Sunrise and Crater after finish The Milky Way shoot by Camp on the high peak
  • Mineral drinking along the trip
  • Camping facility (tents, matras, sleeping bag, hot drinks for tea or coffee, bonfire to make your body warm and porter to serve your camp)
  • Breakfast after Camping on Bromo volcano peak, Sunrise and crater
  • First aid kid
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  • Before You choose the Bromo Camping package for Galaxy Photography, You must prepare Gloves, Jacket, Hat, Long Pants because on the camp place the temperature around 05 - 07 degree centigrade and dont forget to complete your camera tools that support with the Galaxy Photography tour.

Mt Bromo Milky Way Tour by Camping