5 recommendation Hotel near Mount Bromo

5 recommendation Hotel near Mount Bromo, Hotel in Bromo Mountain

5 recommendation Hotel near Mount Bromo

5 recommendation Hotel near Mount Bromo

5 recommendation Hotel near Mount Bromo consist of three levels, luxury type, medium and the cheap one. According the amount of visitors who always full this popular places, this volcano tourism have complete accomodation to stay endurely, they are consist of hotel around Cemoro Lawang, Villa, Lodge or Cottage and all these accommoadation already surrounded with good of landscape, near location to start the Milky Way Photography, and Crater.

These hotels have fresh temperature also located near from the landscape. By stay in these nearest Hotel around Bromo moutain, You will easily reach the highest peak to enjoy Mount Bromo Milky Way tour, Sunrise, and other tour.

5 recommended accommodation near Bromo Cemoro Lawang have completed with each facilities. For cheapest price of villa or homestay near Mt Bromo normally not provide hot shower, So You can choose which accommodation prefer You need. In each accommodation, Warm greeting and friendly service always served for the tourist along 24 hours.

5 Nearst Hotel near Mount Bromo Cemoro Lawang


Jiwa Jawa Banana Resort little bit far, located on Wonotoro Village. This accommodation has most expensive rate because the facilities is more complete. located little bit far to enjoy Milky Way tour at Mount Bromo, Sunrise, and Crater, But the Sunrise also seem from this hotel, and other views but Jiwa Jawa Banana hotel is completed with Cafe, Restaurant, Art and Photo Gallery of the popular photographer, Camera museum, Book story, Java mart, Sauna, Mountain Bike, playground and Mount Bromo trekking package.


This Hotel located on Bromo Cemoro Lawang Street of ngadisari village. This accommodation is one of near hotel to explore Milky Way tour at Mt Bromo, Sunrise, Prewedding photography at Mount Bromo, and other vacation. Only 3 kilometres from volcano crater and very possible to take pictures from this hotel area. the price of each room is relatively more expensive compared to other lodgings in the vicinity.


Lava view Lodge located on Cemoro Lawang Street of Ngadisari village. Lava View Lodge accommodation located nearer and closer to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, Milky Way Photography, Sunset photography package. only 2,5 kilometres from the volcano crater and very possible to take pictures from the lodges fence. this lodge room has more expensive price than Cave Lava Hotel because the view from this hotel is closer to the views


Cemara Indah Hotel located on Cemoro Lawang Street of ngadisari village. This hotel one of near to see the Stargazing tour package, Sunrise, and Crater views, and close like Lava View Lodge, only 2,5 kilometres from the Crater and very possible to take pictures for all views from this hotel. this accommodation room has almost same price with Lava View Lodge Hotel because the view also close.


Cave Lava Hostel located on Cemoro Lawang Street of ngadisari village. This hostel also located near from highest peak to enjoy Stargazing Photography tour, and Sunrise tour, it has 4 kilometres from the crater, need 100 metres walking to take pictures for the view. The room rate is little bit higher than Bromo Permai Hotel because the view from this hostel is little bit far

5 recommendation near Hotel above always get heavy ordered especially on Weekend, Weekday and Holiday season because these accommodation have near location to enjoy the Sunrise, Stargazing Photography, and Crater like Pananjakan Peak, Kingkong Peak and Seruni Peak. The nearest hotel above recommended for visitors who have planning to enjoy the sunrise, Milky Way photography tour, Mount Bromo Sunset, Mount Bromo Prewedding photography, and other Sunrise package type.

 Tour package option :
This volcano is the main destination around East Java Island, Indonesia. Most tourist never stop coming to this volcano to see Sunrise, Senset, Mount Bromo Prewedding, and other tour type until the hotel rate higher although the hotel facility still better in the big cities.

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