Camping at Kingkong peak Mount Bromo

Camping Information

Camping at Kingkong peak Mount Bromo

Camping at Kingkong peak Mount Bromo

Camping at Kingkong peak Mount Bromo is the second option whenever the tourist can not make a camp at Pananjakan peak. This tourism package is the most request tour package to see Mount Bromo Milky Way, Sunrise and another landscape.

The most recommended place for Camping on Bromo mountain is on Pananjakan Peak. This place is the highest one but normally always fulled by foreign and domestic visitors. If Our clients can not make a camp on Pananjakan, We always take the second option at Kingkong Peak, another campsite consist of Seruni Point and Love Hill. but dont worry, all camp option has similar place to take the Milky Way, Sunrise, and Mt Bromo Crater.

The nearest way to make a camping tour at Mount Bromo is from Surabaya, or Malang, We suggest to begin your trip in the morning. In order You able see amazing of Sunset, Sunrise and other views from Kingkong Peak, definitely using the Jeep 4 WD from Cemoro Lawang Bromo.

Jeep 4 WD is the one vehicle to support your tour during explore the Milky Way Photography by camp, Sunrise and Sunset Photography. without the using 4 wheel drive Jeep, impossible to reach all highest peak at Bromo mountain because all places mentioned above has steep route. sometime, along route usually foggy when the weather cloudy.

How to enjoy the Milky Way by camp at Kingkong Peak Mt Bromo?
  • Before You start a camping at Mount Bromo, You must have a good health because the temperature on the camp area is very cold around 03 - 05 degree centigrade
  • Make Sure that You already prepare complete photography tools to creat the Milky Way Picture 
  • We already prepared a camping facilities like tent, sleeping bag, matress, sleeping bag, firewood, lighter, gasoline, cookware, snacks / meals / mineral drinks and experience Porter to serve your camp. But You may also bring your preferred meals if its necessary
  • The booking requirements for Mount Bromo Camping and Sunrise must filled maximumly within 1 week before, In order We can provided all your request only for your convenience during enjoy the Milky Way at Mount Bromo
  • If You can not shoot the Milky Way from the campsite, We serve a photographer rental to help your photography.
For Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and another tourism package, You can read the itinerary below :
If You have more time in Java Island Indonesia, We also provided a combination tour package beween the popular tourism. You only inform Our partner for visitor amount, trip duration and facility prefer You want. In Order We can conditioned your trip relaxly.