Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Climbing

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 Semeru Mountain Climbing Package

tour package of semeru mountain climbing

Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Climbing is special hiking package for the highest volcano in Java Island, Indonesia have mostly ordered by mountain hikers from all the world. They choose Mount Semeru climbing package due to this volcano has more challenge than Mount Bromo trekking and Ijen Crater tour package. Mount Semeru has an altitude 3,676 meters above sea level known more spectacular because it is the highest volcano in Java Island, also has some interested views along the path. 

The ideal trip duration for Semeru mountain climbing package is 3 days and 2 nights by camping. First night, You will make a camping at Kalimati village then the second night make a camping on Kumbolo Lake. Total duration is 4 days 3 nights for Mount Semeru climbing package because first nights You must stay at homestay around Semeru, Malang or Surabaya. 

How to start Mount Semeru Climbing for beginner tourist

Before You start Semeru Mountain Climbing, You must prepare :
  1. Jacket, gloves, long pants, scarf or other kind of body cover because the temperature on Semeru volcano peak around 01 - 03 degree centigrade
  2. Trekking shoes, trekking pole, headlamp and mineral drinks
  3. For visitors who have an asthma disease or heart attack, We recommended for not to try the Semeru climbing because the steep route may effect body health
  4. Choose the nearest flight location for your arrival or picking up location such as Surabaya and Malang City by starting from Airport, Train Staion, Hotel or Bus Station.
  5. For visitors who have the flight arrival at 04.00 - 05.00 AM, You can choose Mount Semeru climbing package 3 days
  6. Bring a Medical Check from your country or state to check the health in Mount Semeru National Park Office. If You can not bring a medical check from yourself doctor, Our team will help You to get it at Clinic around here
  7. Choose the best time to start Mount Semeru climbing package between April - November, around these month, the views is clear and no rain.
Below is Mount Semeru Climbing Package option from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi :
If You need more information about Semeru climbing package, Mount Bromo tour package and other nature tourism in Java Island, You can visit Our contact.