Songa Rafting Adventure in Java Island Indonesia

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Songa Rafting Adventure in Java Island Indonesia

Songa Rafting Adventure in Java Island Indonesia

Songa Rafting Adventure in Java Island Indonesia known as the best water sport located in Probolinggo City, need 2 hours from Mount Bromo (the most welknown volcano).

Songa Rafting not only popular in Indonesia but also in state Asia and other countries. The adventure of Songa Adventure need 3 hours by starting from Pekalen river. The Songa Rafting location is in Ranu Gedang village of Probolinggo.

The nearest way to enjoy Songa Rafting Adventure tour is from Probolinggo City, You can take the route through Surabaya or Malang City using the car or motorbike. An Adventure in Songa Water Rafting almost samilar with other the water rafting in Bali Island at Telaga Waja River, Sungai Ayung and Melangit river, Bali. Most visitors enjoy The adventure rafting in Java Island after finish enjoy Mount Bromo and Ijen tour package because the location in the middle ways between Mount Bromo and Ijen volcano.

The Visitors will witness the seven-point amazing waterfall which is better known as the Bidadari Curtain. In addition, visitors will pass through the river between exotic rock cliffs and also a bat cave. This trip offers more rapids and has a slightly higher grade (2-3.5) but the beautiful scenery and the rapids of Upper Songa are very interesting to navigate. This trip is taken within 3 hours.

Songa Rafting Adventure Facility :

  • Welcome Drink
  • Rafting equipment (helmet, paddle, buoy, inflatable boat)
  • Mineral water for rafting
  • Local transportation (shuttle service)
  • Professional guide
  • Rescue team
  • Traditional lunch
  • Insurance
To find the base camp of Songa Water Adventure in Java Island Indonesia, You just find the sign of Songa that located on the roadside. After you find the sign, you just follow the village road for 15 miles from the highway to the basecamp. The road condition little bit broken but very possible by car or motorcyle. The trip from the highway to the base camp only 1 hour driving.

After arrived at base camp, participants will be welcomed to take a break while presented typical snacks such as boiled bananas and Poka Tea drinks which is made from the tea with ginger blended and cinnamon in order to make body fit in rafting trip. then, given opportunity to change a dress to rafting clothes that are ready to wet your body because you will face swift river streaming. 

The rafting admirors protected with safety tools such as helmet and floated jacket and instructed by an expert rafting guide who has been trained and experienced. Inflatable boat used is the type of inflatable raft that is destined to pass through the rapids safely that contains air and able to against great collision between boat body with sharp rocks.

Before start watery adventure, the participants will be briefed about rafting activity. The participants will be introduced some of the terms used during the rafting done, Like the "Forward" which mean paddling forward, "Backward" which mean paddling backwards, "Stop" mean stop paddling, "Left Back" mean left rower must rowing backwards and fixed right paddle forward, "Right Back" means the right rower rowing backwards and left rowers keep paddling forward, "move left / right and back" which means that the participants have to move to the adviced direction and the most important is the "Boom" which means that the participants must move to the boat floor of the boat and raise the paddle facing to upwards, This suggestion is adviced when the rubber boat passing a very narrow side walls and heavy rapids.

To comeback to the base camp, the visitors must trekking through a path and comeback to the pickup car that has waited the participants on parking lot. Arriving at the base camp, the participants can clean body and change the clothes in the bath room have been completed for visitors. Afterward, enjoy your lunch with traditional food such as Tempeh, tofu and fish penyet, vegetable ointment, definitely it is very delicious and able recover your energy.

Songa Rafting tour package from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi : 
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