Mount Bromo Jeep Rental

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Mount Bromo Jeep Rental

mount bromo jeep rental

Mount Bromo Jeep Rental is the most recommended way to enjoy the sunrise from the highest peak usually called viewpoint (Pananjakan). hiring the Jeep very suggested for all visitors because the route condition is very steep and many blind turning along the way.

If You are interested to enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise tour package, Our tour agent "Bromo Java Travel Agent" provided the Jeep hire, Our partner will serve your booking along 24 hours, You only inform Us the participant amount You have then the picking up location.

We provided the Jeep or Hardtop rental not only for Mount Bromo tour package but also possible take You to Ranu Pane (parking lot at Semeru volcano) whenever visitors need to continue their trip for Semeru volcano climbing or Kumbolo Camping.

Detail itinerary and Price for Jeep Rental 

1. Jeep rental from Cemoro Lawang Mount Bromo for 4 location  

Price : IDR. 1,000,000 (1 - 5 people)
  • 02.30 AM, visit Pananjakan Peak (highest peak)
  • 05.20 AM, Sunrise tour, Love Hill
  • 06.30 AM, visit the Crater
  • 08.30 AM, Continue to Savannah Hill and Whispering Sand
  • 09.30 AM, back to hotel, and finish
2. Jeep Rental for Milky Way Photography 

Price : IDR. 1,400,000 (1 - 5 people)
  • 09.00 PM, visit the Pananjakan Peak
  • 09.30 PM, Start the Milky Way Photography
  • 05.20 AM, Sunrise tour, Love Hill
  • 07.30 AM, heading to the crater 
  • 09.30 AM, back to the hotel and finish.
3. Jeep Rental for Prewedding Photography
Price : IDR. 1,450,000 (1 - 5 people)
  • 02.30 AM, visit the Pananjakan Peak or Kingkong Peak (place for Mount Bromo Prewedding Photography)
  • 05.20 AM, See the Sunrise, and start Prewedding shoot until finish at 07.00 AM
  • 07.30 AM, Preweeding Photography from Love Hill
  • 08.00 AM, visit the Crater and back to your Jeep
  • 09.30 AM, Prewedding Photography at Savannah Hill and Whispering Sand
  • 10.00 AM, back to your hotel and finish.
4. Jeep rental for Camping

Price : IDR. 2,000,000 (1 - 5 people)
  • 04.30 PM, Visit the camping location at Pananjakan or Kingkong Peak
  • 05.00 PM, See the Sunset from Pananjakan Peak, back to your tent and staying 1 night
  • 09.00 PM, start Mount Bromo Milky Way photography from your campsite
  • 05.20 AM, See the Sunrise and other views
  • 06.30 AM, visit the Crater after Mount Bromo Camping
  • 08.00 AM, Continue to restaurant Cemoro Lawang, have breakfast and break
  • 09.00 AM, finish the camping package.
All Rental Jeep at Mount Bromo above not included the entrance ticket and We serve the rental request for 24 hours with satisfaction service and picking up service on time. Each Hartop of Jeep have 5 people capacity. If You have 6 - 10 people, We will use 2 Jeep, and the price counted according to the hardtop amount. So that, Although the visitor amount is 1 - 2 person, the price is still same.

Tour Package from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi :
We provide the Hardtop or Jeep rental with various type, color, brand. We supply the rent service at Mount Bromo not only to explore the Sunrise from highest peak but also other interested peaks around this volcanoes such as Seruni Point, Kingkong Peak, Love, Savvana Whispering Sand and other destination. Detail information about Bromo Jeep rental price and tour package facility, You can visit Our Contact.