The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

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The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, Indonesia

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise is the main destionation for foreign and local tourist to creat an impressed memories. Not only best place to see the Sunrise views, Some photographers also prefer like to find the best place to see Mount Bromo Milky Way.

Place to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise tour not easy for traveller beginner. It must reached from Hotel near Cemoro Lawang using the organize Jeep at 02.30 AM (early morning) confronting very cold temperature between 05 - 07 degree centigrade and must use the organized Jeep 4 wheel drive because the best place to see Mount Bromo Sunrise located on the highest peak.

4 The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise, Sunset, Milky Way

There are 4 best place to enjoy the Sunrise, Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography, Sunset, Mount Bromo tour by Camping and Prewedding Photography. Its place consist of Pananjakan Peak, Kingkong Peak, Love Hill and Seruni Point. Also recommended place on Mentigen Hill but Mentigen is the lowest place.

All place to see the Sunrise have mentioned only possible visited by the Jeep WD, You can easily find the Jeep rental in Mount Bromo because most the jeep owners are the native people of Tengger National Park, The price of private jeep rental is IDR. 700,000 - 1,000,000 depend on the season. When the season already in Weekend, the jeep rental price in Mount Bromo reach IDR. 1,500,000 beacuse the jeep amount still limit.

For visitors who prefer like enjoy the Sunrise by trekking, You can choose Mount Bromo trekking package that also begin Hotel around Cemoro Lawang toward Seruni Peak, Continue to Pananjakan and comeback to Cemoro Lawang to see the Crater. the trekking duration need 5 hours until finish in your hotel again.

Mount Bromo has 2,329 metres above Sea of Level and surrounded by a vast desert that seem like the Giza Pyramids when the tourist standing on the highest peak or Pananjakan, the views seem clearly after the sunrise appearance. The view of Sunrise seem really amazing when the weather is good without closed by fog and cloud. The best time to see Sunrise is on April - November. This volcano surrounded of 5,250 hectares of the Sea of Sand and high mountain, it is not the highest peak of other volcanos in Indonesia but is the most well known. It is very popular because consist of interesting steep plateau and hill until become The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise.

Some requirements before visit best place on Mount Bromo peak

Before You start your trip to see amazing sunrise from Our recommendation place, You must prepare :
  1. Jacket, Gloves, Long Pants, Hat and Scarf
  2. Flashlight or Headlamp, Trekking Shoes, Facial Mask, Trekking Pole and Mineral Drinks
  3. Personal Medicine if You required
Tour Package option :

The Best Places to Enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise 

If You are interested to book Mount Bromo sunrise tour package, You can discuss with Our partner about tour package price and facility. We Hope You inform Us within 2 - 3 months before in order I can provide all your facility completely according your request because Mount Bromo always heavy of vistors in each season.