Pulau Sempu, Mount Bromo Tour Package 3 Days

Pulau Sempu, Mount Bromo Tour Package 3 Days

pulau sempu mount bromo tour package 3 daysPulau Sempu is a small island in southern coast of East Java province that located at Tambakrejo village, Sumbermanjing Wetan subdistrict of Malang regency. This "pulau" or Island is grown tropic plants with 877 hectars wide and has tobe as the nature resource of East Java conservation since 1928. Pulau Sempu is very possible to be a camping place, swimming and fishing, because it has fresh and cool water in mountain area and also surrounded by huge green slope while waiting for the surf coming through the slope hole that very awesome to enjoy the view. 

Pulau Sempu is always heavy of domestic and foreign visitors because it has spectacular view that form a small natural lake in middle of it's island and formed by great surf that flows from the southern coast through the hole in one of the island border side and circled by green and steep slope. This island has clean, smooth and white sand. Sempu Island located in the fish auction, Sendang Biru of Malang subdistrict. 

Pulau Sempu has various interested places to enjoyed, they are consist of :
- Teluk Semut or usually known as Semut Bay (located before Pulau Sempu entrance)
- Telaga Lele or Catfish Lake (the lake contained much of catfish and freswater fish)
- Telaga Asat
- Pasir panjang (white and smooth sand)
- Segara Anakan (the main destination in Pulau Sempu or Phuket Miniature)

The nearest way to get Pulau Sempu is from Malang city with the distance 67 kilometers or 2,5 hours from Malang city and 4 hours from Surabaya airport by car. for detail, you can read the itinerary below :

Pulau Sempu, Mount Bromo, Madakripura Waterfall, Suabaya airport 3 Days and 2 Nights :
Day 1st : Surabaya – Pulau Sempu Malang
  1. Pick you up at your arrival in Surabaya Airport or Hotel in the morning by AC (air conditioned tourist car) for 3,5 hours driving to Sendang Biru beach
  2. After get Sendang Biru , then continue to Sempu conservation office to organize registration, permission and continue crossing to Pulau Sempu by boat for 20 minutes then stay all night by camping
Day 02nd : Pulau Sempu Exploration - Mount Bromo Tour
  1. Wake you up at 05:00 AM to have breakfast and enjoy Pulau Sempu view until satisfied and continue to Telaga Lele through the small path in tropic forest by walking, after get Telaga Lele enjoy the view until finish and continue to Telaga Asat for 2 hours by walking, after get Telaga Asat, enjoy a wide beautifull hill in Telaga Asat and continue to Pantai Kembar for 20 minutes by walking then continue enjoy the beach until finish and cotinue to Segara Anakan unti finish enjoying by local guide accompaning.
  2. Comeback to the parking lot in Sendang biru and continue to the hotel in Mount Bromo for 4 hours driving, after get your hotel in Mount Bromo, stay all night 
Day 03rd : Mount Bromo Tour – Madakaripura Waterfall – Surabaya airport or Malang
  1. Wake you up at 03:00 AM to get preparing then start visit Mount Bromo Sunrise at 03:30 by the jeep (4WD) from your Bromo hotel to Mount Panajakan/view point (the highest top in Mount Bromo area) for enjoying Sunrise and Bromo view and see Mount Semeru(the highest mount in Java)
  2. After finish enjoy the sunrise and all the views, comeback to the bromo jeep and continue to the top of Mount Bromo by stop at sea of sand then start trekking to the top of M.Bromo for 25 minutes or take the horse riding transportation for 15 minutes
  3. After finish enjoy M. Bromo, comeback to the jeep then continue to your hotel to have breakfast, take shower and preparing to check out.
  4. Continue your trip to Madakaripura Waterfall for 1 hour by the car and stop in parking lot then start trekking along the path for 30 minutes by using local guide.
  5. Get the point of Madakaripura Waterfall, enjoy the view until satisfied and comeback to the van then comeback to Surabaya Airport or your hotel for 3,5 driving
  6. Free program and finish the tour.
Facilities :
 Professional tour driver
•  AC (air conditioned) van with Free Wifi inside
•  Bromo Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo Tour
•  Local guide for Ijen Crater and Madakaripura Waterfall
•  Mineral dringking along the tour
•  Hotel and Breakfast
•  First aid kid

Not Included :
•  Entrance Fee for all tourism objects
•  English speaking tour guide (custom order)
•  Savana Hill and whispering sand in Mt Bromo Package
•  Horse transportation for Mt Bromo Tour
•  Travel insurance and personal necessaries
•  Lunch and dinner

Mount Bromo Tour Package Option from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi and Bali :

Pulau Sempu, Mount Bromo Tour Package 3 Days

The itinerary above is the most visited by visitors, if you want to know more about  bromo tour package price and Mt Bromo tour package option or you have the custom planning about other tour package, you can contact us here