Blawan Waterfall Banyuwangi

Blawan Waterfall around Banyuwangi

Blawan Waterfall Banyuwangi

Blawan Waterfall located around Banyuwangi Exactly in Kalianyar, Sempol, Bondowoso Regency, East Java. Blawan Waterfall is downstream of Bitter River which is seepage from Ijen Crater, The water is contain of sulfur and is surrounded by lush makademia vegetation.

The attraction of Blawan Waterfall Banyuwangi near Ijen Crater is flows directly into the ground like Niagara Falls and will ultimately lead in the area Asembagus Situbondo. The road to Blawan Bondowoso Banyuwangi is very challenging with the way up and down the stairs between two cliffs. It has 30 meters height with yellowish color. The yellow color actually is a sulfur content that flows from the sulfur springs of Ijen Crater. This Waterfall was flows steam among green hills with sharp cliffs and caves stalagtited.

With torrential flow, the atmosphere around this waterfall rumble sounded unbelievably with some lush greenery that grows very well and fertile. Near from Blawan Tourism, there is also a natural hot springs containing sulfur wherein the visitors usually taking a bath after finish enjoy Ijen Crater Tour, This hot natural spring is used to soak body or foot after tired do trekking to the Blue Flame Ijen Crater. This hot spring believed very effective to refresh from body pain.

The route to reach Blawan Waterfall is easier than Madakaripura Waterfall around Mount Bromo. To reach Blawan Waterfall, Only need 10 minutes trekking from Parking lot around Sempol. The best option to enjoy Balwan Waterfall Banyuwangi, You must stay in the nearest Hotel around Ijen area such as Catimor Homestay and Arabica Homestay. the nearest way to reach Air Terjun Blawan is from Banyuwangi Seaport, If you stay in Catimor Homestay, You only take trekking for 10 minutes duration. From the entrance, do trekking for a while and then go up the stairs about 5 minutes. After that continued down the stairs at the same time, then we will get to the location. Unlike other waterfalls that can be seen from the front, Blawan waterfalls only able seen from theright side.

Other interested place around Blawan Waterfall Banyuwangi

Other interested place around Blawan Waterfall Banyuwangi consist of Teluk Hijau Beach or usually known as Green Bay Banyuwangi, Kalibendo Waterfall, Baluran National Park, Rajeg Wesi Beach, Plengkung Sufing Beach, Watu Dodol, Sukamade Beach and many more. If you are interested to enjoy nature tourism in East Java Indonesia, You can read detail tour package combination below.

Tour Package from Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Banyuwangi Harbor :
"Blawan Waterfall" located closed from Ijen Crater, Its better enjoyed after or before Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour and Ijen Crater tour. For detail information about Tour Package option, Accommodation and facility, You can visit Our Contact.