Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping

Mount Semeru Hiking Package, Semeru Trekking Package 6 Days

Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping

Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping

Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping have 6 days 5 nights trip duration start from Surabaya International Airport or Malang. Mount Semeru climbing package provided for foreigners and domestic visitors to see the Milky Way and another views from the highest peak, Sunrise and Milky Way tour from Pananjakan peak and Sunrise from B-29 peak.

Along 6 days 5 night trip for Semeru volcano hiking package, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and Camping on B-29 Peak will give You various challenge along trip because You will do steep hike to the summit and confronting an extreme temperature on each summits.

The nearest way to enjoy Semeru volcano hike, Mount Bromo tour and B29 Camping Package is from Surabaya Airport and Malang, You can choose the flight arrival in the morning and flight departure at night. The trip duration for hiking to Semeru volcano, Mt Bromo, and B29 Summit Camp also possible for 5 days 4 nights the last time You will stay in hotel around Surabaya after your trip finish. For detail itinerary, You can read more below.

Semeru Climbing, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camp 6 days 5 night

  • Pick you up by Our private tourist car in your arrivals at Surabaya Airport or Hotel and  take you to your homestay at Ranu Pane for 5 hours driving driving.
  • Get your homestay at Ranu Pane area, stay 1 night by free time.
  • Wake you up to have breakfast an early morning then check out from your homestay, then depart to Semeru post office to do the climb registration (submit your medical check and checking your body health) then start climb toward the campsite at Kumbolo Lake for 5 hours
  • After get the Ranu Kumbolo, take a break for lunch and relax. Afterward, Continue hike to the Campsite at Kalimati village for 3 hours and Stay 1 night. In this time You must have nice sleep to prepare the next hiking to Semeru volcano summit.
  • Early morning wake up at 00.00 AM, then begin Mount Semeru Climbing Package to the top (3,676 meters) via Arcopodo village (2900 meters above sea level) and Cemoro Tunggal (3200 meters above sea level). Reach the crater, enjoy Semeru mountain views and other views view until satisfied, then trekking down to Kalimati base camp (2700 meter above sea level) for 1,5 hours to have breakfast
  • After finish breakfast, continue trek back to Kumbolo Lake around 4 hours then taking a rest and small lunch while enjoy the beauty of the lake sight and Stay 1 night by camp.
  • Kumbolo Lake Camping situated on a valley with the lake covering 12 ha. It is a rest area which has views and upland ecosystems, located at altitude of 2400 above sea level. 
  • Wake You up for breakfast, having tea or coffee, Continue taking picture for Kumbolo Lake Sunrise appears at 05.20 AM. the Kumbolo Lake sunrise will glows from the middle lake seem very amazing looks from your camp place.
  • Finish enjoy Kumbolo Lake views, return to Ranu Pane village using different route via Ayek - Ayek slope.
  • 02.00 - 03.00 PM, Get Ranu Pane (rest area), Continue your trip to hotel around Cemoro Lawang through Savannah at Mount Bromo using private Jeep for 2 hours and Stay 1 night.
  • Wake you up at 02.30 AM for preparing then take You to Pananjakan peak for 30 minutes by private
  • Reach the Pananjakan view point, take walking for 15 minutes to the place to the view point
  • 05.20 AM, enjoy Mt Bromo views like Mt Batok, massive Sea of Sand and Semeru volcano summit will seem from this peak 
  • 06.30 AM, Return to your Jeep then bring you to jeep parking on Sea of Sand for 20 minutes. From this place start Mount Bromo hiking for 30 minutes or using horse ride toward the Crater
  • 09.30 AM, After You see the volcano crater, return to the jeep then heading to your hotel. Have breakfast, take shower and relax enoughly.
  • 11.00 AM, Our jeep partner will take You to the climbing start location on Sumber village then start hiking to B29 Summit for 4 hours with the porters and guide while enjoy the view around.
  • After you get the B29 Summit, Stay 1 night by camp while have dinner by Our porters service. 
  • Wake you up at early morning, having coffee or tea, then enjoy the B-29 sunrise at 5.20 AM from the highest peak 
  • Finish taking picture for amazing landscape, have breakfast then taking picture for the landscape around
  • Finish B29 Camping tour, packing your luggage and comeback to Cemoro Lawang through same route
  • Get Bromo area, take shower, have lunch and return to Surabaya International Airport for 3,5 hours and finish Semeru, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping package.
  • Local driver with English speaking
  • Private Air Conditioned transportation from Start until finish your trip
  • Transportation fuel and parking fee
  • Entrance ticket for Semeru volcano, Bromo and B-29 Camp tour
  • Mineral drinks along trip
  • 1 night homestay included breakfast at Ranu Pane village (before hike to Semeru volcano)
  • 2 nights camping on Kumbolo Lake and Kalimati Camp
  • 1 night camping on B29 summit
  • 1 night hotel included breakfast around Mt Bromo National Park
  • Medical check for Semeru climb submission
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for pick You up from Ranu Pane village (after Mount Semeru hike)
  • Private Jeep 4 WD for Mount Bromo tour package
  • Porters to serve your camp and climb during Semeru climb and B-29 hike
  • Facilities (sleeping bag, matras, tents, blanket if required, meals for lunch, dinner and breakfast, mineral drinks, hot drinks for tea or coffee, fruits and snacks)
  • Mt Semeru volcano hiking and  B29 climb responsibility
  • English speaking tour guide (custom order)
  • Personal insurance
  • Personal expenses and necessaries
  • Travel tips
Mount Bromo tour option from Surabaya, Malang, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta and Bali 
Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camp is one of the climbing package for visitors who preferred in challenge travel package. If You need more information about Mount Bromo tour package price, accommodation and other facility, You can visit Our Contact

Semeru volcano hiking, Mount Bromo Sunrise tour and B29 Camping 6 days 5 night