Camping on B29 Mount Bromo Summit

Summit in Mt Bromo

Camping on B29 Mount Bromo Summit

B29 Summit Trekking in Mount Bromo National Park

B29 Camping is one of the most request tour package to make Camping on Mount Bromo Tengger National Park area. The camping location still in this volcano cardera But to reach B29 Summit camping location, You must use the organized jeep rental at Mount Bromo for 1 hour then start trekking to B29 Summit for 4 hours.

Camping on B29 Mount Bromo Summit is the way to see amazing Sunrise, You will also able see all landscape around Mount Bromo like massive Sea of Sand, Savannah Mount Bromo, Bromo Crater, Mt Batok and Semeru volcano summit. B-29 Summit has an altitude at 3,600 meters above sea level and almost similar with Mount Semeru. B29 still located in Senduro Argosari Village of Lumajang subdistrict.

B29 Summit position is on the southeast side of Mount Bromo and about 40 Km from Lumajang city. the summit usually called Puncak B29 lumajang in Indonesian language.

How to make Camping on B-29 Summit 

If Your location at Surabaya or Malang City, You can take the private or public Car toward Probolinggo Bus Station or Train Station then continue your trip to Bromo Cemoro Lawang for 1 hour. Get Cemoro Lawang, take the private Jeep 4 WD toward Senduro Lumajang area for 1 hour then start trekking to B29 location around 4 hours. Reach the B29 Summit, You can stay 1 night by Camping.

Beside tour package for Camping on Mount Bromo, B29 summit also recommended place mostly preferred by foreign tourist, Especially on April - September. Along night during Camping on B29 summit,  If the sky seem clear and there is not any moonlight, You can take photo for Milky Way or Stargazing phenomenon usually appears at 09.00 PM - 03.00 AM because B29 peak also good for Milky Way capturing and most photographers already tried this summit.

Trekking condition to B29 Summit is not too steep like Mount Semeru Climbing. along the way toward B29 top You still able make a rest on the flat land because the route not slippery, But We recommended You to use the trekking pole and trekking shoes in order You can conditioned your trekking along stony route. From B29 Camping location, You will able see Mount Semeru Peak because this summit also located in Lumajang regency.

B29 Camping in Argosari Village presented amazing nature views along the trip, you will find various kind of vegetables such as green onion, leek, cabbage, kohlrabi, potatoes, carrot and round chili, this circumstance make the view seem very spectacular and looks typical with the nature. On the summit of B29, there are two beautiful views, there are Argosari plantation located in line with Semeru Mountain (Gunung Semeru ) and Mount Bromo tourism area which include of  wide Sea of Sand of Mount Bromo with a white cloud spreading out covered around the Bromo mountain when the sunrise shine appears. Moreover, when the sunset appears confront B29 Camping Summit, seem very awesome.

After you enjoy B29 camping tour, You can continue enjoy other nature tourism around Mount Bromo East Java, such as Madakaripura Waterfall tour. But If You prefer need to take the Milky Way Photography by Camping, You can try the Camping on Kumbolo Lake and Camping on Mount Bromo peak. So, You can creat various of Milky Way picture from different angles.

If you want to enjoy B29 trekking tour from Surabaya Airport or Malang, you must take the flight arrival in the morning around 08.00 - 11.00 AM in order you get Mount Bromo area in earlier, so that you will have relax time and the view seem clear along your trekking on B-29 road. You can also start trekking from Lumajang District by starting from Senduro regency to Argosari village for 3 hours. Trekking to B29 Lumajang, very suggested to equip complete utilities such as Trekking Pole, Warm Jacket, Gloves, Scarf and don't forget to bring mineral drinks, then making a camp on B29 Peak.

B29 Summit Lumajang is one of the destination place for Camping, If You are interested enjoy other nature tourism around East Java and Mount Bromo tour package option, You can read Our combination tour package below.  

B29 Camping tour package

If You are interested to make Camping tour package to B29 peak, You can  make the tour package booking within 2 months before your trip go on in Order We can conditioned your facility completely.