Baluran National Park Banyuwangi

Safari National Park

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi

Baluran National Park Banyuwangi also more familiar with the name Little African Savannah or Africa Van Java is a natural conservation area that has been the native ecosystem and managed by a zoning system that is used for research purposes, science, education, cultivation support and recreation. When the rainy season is going on, the Baluran National Park area seems green, covered by huge fertile grass like the Savannah Mount Bromo.

Baluran National Safari Park Banyuwangi is one of the best destinations for Savannah in Banyuwangi East Java, Indonesia as a representative of the dry forest ecosystem in Java Island. It consists of massive savannah (40%), as well as lowland forests, vegetation types, coastal forest, lower montane forest, swamp, mangrove forests and hills at 1,247 meters high. Approximately 40% of savannah vegetation types dominate this area and are a rich food source for many species of animals grazing.

Baluran National Safari Park presented a stunning real nature when hundreds of deer running toward puddles, male peacock spread its tail to attract the females, dozens of huge buffalo gallant, dozens of eagles feeding up to monkeys and macaques hanging. Not to mention the typical trees. Pilang the white trunked trees and lush, if you observe carefully the tree like in the movie "Avatar" as well as shady trees like banyan Baluran Bekol with magical feel.

Baluran National Park Tour

Baluran National Safari park tour package activities can be done as research, observation and wildlife attractions, as well as marine tourism in Bama Coast Banyuwangi. Meanwhile, the facilities available in the form of office management, work cottage, shelters, road trail, viewing tower, and others.

Baluran National Safari is one of the nature attraction in Banyuwangi. Beside of Baluran Safari Park tourism, other interested place around Banyuwangi consist of Sukamade Beach tour, Plengkung Beach, Wau Dodol Beach, Green Bay Beach, Pulau Merah Beach and many more. This safari park tourism possible visited when You have more time in East Java.

If you are planning to enjoy Baluran National Safari Park, You can combine it with other popular tourism that is still included in East Java Island, such as Ijen Crater Tour Package, White Water Rafting, Mount Bromo tour and other interesting places around East Java.

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The route to Baluran National Park

The nearest route to reach Baluran National Safari Park Banyuwangi. You can start from Banyuwangi ferry port using the private transportation or public car for 2,5 hours trip duration. If You begin your trip from Surabaya, You must take the flight in the morning because from Surabaya to this Safari Park requires 6 hours by Car. For more information about, You can visit Our Contact.