BJBR (Bee Jay Bakau Resort) Probolinggo


BJPR Mangrove Tourism Probolinggo

BJBR (Bee Jay Bakau Resort) Probolinggo

BJBR Probolinggo is abbreviation from the word  "Bee Jay Bakau Resort" located in Probolinggo harbor. BJBR Probolinggo is designed as a mangrove tourism with strategic location surrounded by lush Mangrove forest. Probolinggo also consist of other attraction such as Probolinggo Museum, Durian Plantation and Grape Plantation, Red Church and Bentar Beach. BJBR Mangrove Probolinggo, 

BJBR Mangrove Forest in Probolinggo, Located in the coastal port Mayangan in north coast town square. To enjoy Mangrove Forest East Java. BJBR (Bee Jay Bakau Resort), You can start your journey to Soekarno Hatta street of Probolinggo city then turn left on the road to the mall GM Dr. Sutomo, straight up to Mayangan District, continued turn right to find the gates of the port. Therein BJBR tourist area is located, Also possible take the bus and get off terminal Bayuangga probolinggo, then take the public transportation line G and get off at the station near Probolinggo, ride pedicab or taxis to get to Port Mayangan. Enjoy BJBR mangrove forest, very suitable when You choose Mt Bomo tour package 1 day from Pobolinggo, You can use the private transportation in order You can go around Probolinggo City freely.

BJBR Beejay Bakau Resort travel there are two locations that can be visited. The first man-made white sand beach called beach Mayangan or Majengan with 800 m2. If you ever vacation to Singapore Universal, there is also a miniature globes that are exactly alike. However, the difference is on the waterfront and design a less perfect but able to satisfy visitors to enjoy water games and take pictures selfie with friends or family. The second is a major tourist attraction. A little review of the uniqueness of our BJBR

The facility in BJBR (Beejay Bakau Resort)
  1. Wood bridgeThe wooden bridge made of coconut tree trunks semapnjang 700m into the main line to see the sights of mangroves
  2. Rest Tent RestoThis restaurant is devoted to visitors who want to eat with your family or colleagues. Menu cuisine at this restaurant is the sea sari alias seafood.
  3. Cafe Jonggrang Mayangan
    You can relax at the cafe directly overlooking the beach so they can enjoy the open Sea Landscape

BJBR Probolinggo

A big sign made of wood which is the meeting point of visitors to take pictures and selfie. You can take pictures above the text because it is made of a strong material and this is an icon of its own BJBR

Majengan Beach
As we discussed above, this artificial beaches have white sand and there are exciting water rides.

That mangrove travel reviews Beejay Bakau Resort (BJBR) Probolinggo can we serve for you. Slightly recommendation from us, this attraction is suitable for you who have partners and families hard. You can take pictures as much of course, do not forget to bring a tool to perpetuate such as smartphones, camdig, and DSLR. Please visit the belle of travel in East Java.

Mt Mt Bromo Tour from Bali, Jogjakarta, Surabaya :
Beside Mt Bromo (the most popular tourism object in East Java Indonesia), BJBR Probolinggo is one of interested place around East Java to enjoy the Sunrise. Detail information about nature tourism, Mt Bromo tour price, accommodation and facility, You can visit Our Contact.

BJBR Probolinggo, East Java