The most important ritual for hinduism in Mount Bromo

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The most important ritual for hinduism in Mount Bromo

The most important ritual for hiduism in Mount Bromo

The most important ritual for hinduism in Mount Bromo always celebrated every year on the 14th day of the Kasada month on the Hindu lunar calendar between July - August month. Despite the cold weather  about 07 - 10-degree Celsius. In this time, thousands of tenggeres people come together to the Pura Luhur Poten Temple celebrated the main Ritual Ceremony named The Yadnya Kasada ritual. The ritual going on all night. The Yadnya Kasada Mount Bromo 2018 celebrated from July 9 to 10.

The existance of Kasada Mount Bromo ritual make the tourists spend a longer time here. Usually, tourists would only stay at Mt Bromo for one to two days, but they can stay three to four days this time. We saw almost 10,000 people within the three days. We're still waiting for the official data from TNBTS,” said the tourism ministry's archipelago marketing development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

Pendopo Agung Ngadisari Village (Balai Agung Ngadisari village) became the main location as the place of Kasada Yadnya procession. Kasada ritual begins at 7 pm and also as the offerings begin to be distributed to the Luhur Poten temple on the sand right at the base of Mt Bromo.

After the Kasada ritual ceremony was held, the Tengger tribesmen, community leaders and also the Tengger people gathered to pray together pleading for salvation, prosperity and while expressed gratitude for the natural results already felt. At dawn, the offerings are brought to Bromo volcano crater, while reciting the mantra, they throw their offerings into the mouth of Mount Bromo Crater

Types of Kasada ritual offerings will thrown into Bromo volcano crater include livestock, fruit, and vegetables. The offerings are a word or symbol of gratitude from the people of Tengger

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