Sukamade Beach Tour Banyuwangi

Sukamade Beach Tour Banyuwangi

Sukamade Beach Tour Banyuwangi

Sukamade is the typical beach has been the most visited Beach at Banyuwangi regency for witnessing one of great natural event of surviving pre-historic reptile can be one great vacation experience. The principal object of this adventure Sukamade tour is watching the turtle to lay their eggs on virgin secluded beach which is well-known as Sukamade beach. 

Before You start Sukamade Beach tour, You will go through tropical low land rainforest Meru Betiri National Park tour on the southern coast of Java island. It is also possible to walk on jungle road for haft to one hour after long driving from Kalibaru or Banyuwangi to Rajekwesi (Fishermen villages). Taman National Meru Betiri that has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java is worth to visit during your vacation especially Sukamade Turtle Beach tour in Indonesia. The peak season for green turtle (mostly found laying their eggs on Sukamade banyuwangi) is on wet season but usually can be found on all year.

Sukamade Beach tour activity :

  • You will see the Sukamade turtle laying their eggs on the beach (sukamade turtle tour)
  • Explore the Cocoa, coffee and rubber plantation
  • The hatchery facility (young turtle incubate) for Sukamade turtle conservation
  • Go around the Green beach, Rajagwesi beach
  • Walking through Meru Betiri National Park / Meru Betiri 
  • In this area, If You get fortune, You will see green sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, olive ridley turtle and the occasional leatherback and other mamals
Sukamade Beach is part on Meru Betiri National Park, it take about 2 hour driving from last village by riding 4x4 jeep. Normal Car (city car) won't be able to get it through, the terrain is very raft, bumpy and need to crossed river. 

It could be very interesting adventure ride jeep into last wilderness in east java. You will see lush jungle with various tree and might be able to catch glimpse of animal (Javanese, monitor lizards, hornbill and more). 

There are homestay around Sukamade Beach which runs by National Park namely Rumah kebun and Wisma Pantai. You cannot booked through online only through National Park or Jeep provider (the communicate through Radio com).

The highlight about Meru Betiri National Park is lies on Sukamade beach, where sea turtle (most common is Green sea turtle) emerge from the beach coming to sore to lay their eggs on the warm sand bank. Its happen almost every night, yes there is no guarantee that we will see sea turtle but most of the visitor said they seen it. After dinner time, the ranger will take you to shore to experience how the giant sea turtle slowly emerge from the sea, drag her body on sandy beach then slowly create a nest in the sand. After lied their eggs the sea turtle will buried it and try to camouflage nest to avoid predator. 

Right after ranger will dig the nest and replace all the eggs to man made hatchery (it sound disturb the natural process, but through this human intervence help sustainable population growth). We can help all the process till releasing hatchlings to the sea.

Visiting Meru Betiri National might be quite pricy specially Sukamade beach tour, because the Sukamade Beach tour package already completed with the facility like special ranger to guide the turtle exploration, private jeep to take You for 2 ways (start and comeback from Banyuwangi City), 1 night homestay included dinner and night adventure to find the turtle laying egg. But it is really worthy to visit, when You see the sea turtle activity while also could visit the Green bay along the bay.

Beside the Sukamade tour package, If You have more time in East Java Island, You can choose the combination tour package below :
The nearest way to enjoy the Sukamade Beach Tour Banyuwangi, You can start your trip from Banyuwangi Port, Hotel or Train Station. For more information about Sukamade Beach tour price, You can visit Our Contact.