Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi


Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi located in the middle of in Serangon village Pesanggaran Subdistrict, Rajekwesi Beach is the main entrance to Meru Betiri National Park from eastern side. It is one of the interested Beach have been a part of Banyuwangi Tourism and also has historical tourism since the Indonesia heroes had established a Bunker when they were challenging the Colonizers battles.

Rajegwesi Beach itself was originally found during the Japanese rule wherein they built a scout bunker behind the capil hill on the west coast. The name rajegwesi derived from a strength defense of  Japanese military, Rajeg Wesi word taken from the Java Island language.

The word Rajeg means a temporare pile wesi means iron so that if it combine together means an Iron Pile. But actually the pile that stucked by Japan in the Rajegwesi waters made of teak wood that has the equivalent strengh with an iron and plugged in the mouth of bay with a sapphire where the front and behind of pile made to cover the gap competitiveness.

This will certainly make it difficult for enemy ships that want to infiltrate the beach. Formerly there are still some Japanese remains left in the bunker, like a cannon whose snout directly leads to the bay of Rajegwesi. Not only is the missing cannon taken irresponsible people, but also rajegwesinya. Stay now this Japanese bunker as an old building called the Japanese cave by the people around. People who live around Rajegwesi Beach are also likely to have descendants of the Javanese people because once to plant Rajegwesi, the Japanese army brought workers from Yogyakarta to install it.

Other interested places around Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi

Rajegwesi Beach located around other tourism place around Bayuwangi such as Plengkung Beach Surfing, Sukamade Beach tour and Pulau Merah, Watu Dodol and other tourism objects. Rajegwesi Coast has unique views than other Beach around Banyuwangi. It has brown color sand and very smooth, This is caused the sand mixed with the sand that carried by river sand, until formed a unique views around Rajegwesi Beach. 

Beside Rajegwesi Beach Banyuwangi and other interested beach, There is amazing volcano tourism that also located in Banyuwangi regency namely Blue Flame Ijen Crater, Most visitors take the Ijen Crater tour package when They need to see amazing Blue Flame inside the Ijen Crater. Green Bay is one of the interested place tobe a relax vacation, You can enjoy sunbathing along Green Bay shore. Most tourist visit this beach after visit enjoy 3 days 2 Nights Mount Bromo tour . because both of these volcano have amazing popularities. Such as Mount Bromo Sunrise tour that popular with its Sunrise photography and Ijen Crater tour that popular with amazing Blue Flame Crater appearance.

The scenery around Rajegwesi Beach really charming, with clean sand and also on the right side there is a cliff of rocks containing iron. As well as when the waves hit the rocks very attractive. Brownish sand, making the beautiful atmosphere of the beach.
The brownish color of the sand due to silt from the rivers that flow into this beach during floods, making the sand is brown and very soft textured.

The nearest way to reach Rajegwesi Beach is from Banyuwangi Port for 4 hours drive, The trip duration from Surabaya or Malang is 7 hours toward Banyuwangi route.

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