​​Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City

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​​​​Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City

​​Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City

Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City always flooded with visitors every holiday season arrives. It is located at Malang highland, precisely at Batu City, Jatim Park Malang tourism has strategic location and not far from Jatim Park 1 About 1 km. the complete address on Jl. Oro-Oro Ombo No. 9, Temas, of Batu, East Java Province 65315, Indonesia.

Jatim Park 2 Malang taken from the name of Jawa Timur, In English called East Java because located in East Java Province. Various activities in Jatim Park 2 ready to welcome and entertain the guest in Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang. For tourist who interested enjoy the Malang City tour with family for Kids and learning, Jatim Park in Malang able answer your dreams. The visitors will be invited to know a variety of animals while having fun in various zones. And apart from the cool air and not too hot, plants and trees around it are still very dense. Jatim Park 2 makes the tourists feel at home for a long time in Batu City.

Entrance Ticket to ​​Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City

To feel the appeal of various rides, The visitors charged a ticket of Rp. 100,000 - 150,000 for Monday - Thursday. As for Friday - Sunday, the price of Entrance ticket rises to Rp 170,000. The ticket prices has include insurance and enjoy almost all the available rides except there are several types of games. For national holidays or holiday seasons, the price of admission follows the weekend ticket price, which is Friday - Sunday. The entrance ticket has includes the Wildlife and Batu Secret Zoo Museum, and enjoy all the rides at Batu Secret Zoo.

Jatim Park Facility 
Here are some of the facilities available inside the Jatim Park 2 Malang City : Mushola, E-bike station, Food court, Pusat oleh oleh, Charging station, Fun house, Baby care, and information center.

All interesting attractions in Jatim Park 2 Malang, spread in 3 different zones. The 3 zones include : Bau Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and Eco Green.

Jatim Park Secret Zoo 
As the name implies, this zone is a zoo. Various types of animals exist in this Zone there. This zoo is 15 hectares wide.

The secret zoo is divided into 6 areas. Each area is dedicated to certain types of animals. Such as reptile area, aquarium area, savanah area, African market area, fantasy land and adventure land area, tiger land area and area.

Animal Museum
At this location visitors will meet with animals that have been destroyed from earth as well, which until now still exist. There are fossils, or statues of these animals in the Jatim Park 2 animal museum. There is also a collection of more than 5,000 insects imported from all parts of the world.

Jatim Park Batu Eco Green 
Eco Green is still in Jatim Park 2 zone, visitors are not only entertained but also educated. Everything about education in the fields: natural knowledge, environment, educational introduction, and much more, is presented in an interesting way through 35 rides on the tour. Among the rides are miniature temples, insectarium, music plaza, eco journey, animal farm, hydroponic, world of parrot, and duck kingdom.

10 destination in Jatim Park 2 Batu Malang City

1. Tiger-Land
Collection of tigers and lions come from various places both from Indonesia, such as the Sumatran Tiger, or overseas African Lions.
In the vehicle located in the Secret Zoo Zone, You can meet the tiger very close. Each cage will have a tiger who welcomes visitors with a ferocious look. You can take pictures with the angel as if the tiger is right behind the visitor.

2. Aquarium
As the name suggests Aquarium, rides in the Jatim Park 2 Secret Zoo zone there are various types of animals that live in the water. This aquarium is located underground. Like the sea world, in this area displayed various types of animals that live in sea water or fresh water. Starting from sharks, electric eels, to a strange animal named Axlotl is here. Not only looking at various types of fish, you can also take exciting photos as if you were diving in a giant pool of exotic fish.

3. River Adventure
Still in the Zone Secret Zoo, there are River Adventure rides. Crossing the river in a boat surrounded by unique animals is an unforgettable unique experience. You also have the opportunity to feed pelicans who follow the boat along the way. On the banks of the river there are various kinds of animals who are ready to greet with their unique voices. This river adventure is very exciting and fun. In addition to down the swift currents of the river, tourists will be presented with a magnificent replica of the Nuh Ship. Inside this ship there are also various statues of animals. During the trip, tourists will find storks, monkeys, and forest people who live freely around the artificial river.

4. Savannah
One of the rides in the Secret Zoo, Savannah is a long hallway made of glass. By entering this alley, visitors can see directly the African fauna ecosystem, as well as its distinctive animals. Animals in this area all come from Africa which has a lot of savanna. Habitat and Location were designed similar to the atmosphere in Africa.
Not far from this location is Fantasy land, and an area where there are many elephants. At certain hours You can come to feed elephants. During this ride, do not have to worry about losing direction. There is a touch screen in this tunnel that will solve a confusion, so that they can continue exploring the Savannah without any confusion.

5. Eco Green Jatim Park Journey
Move to the next zone, to Eco Green. One of the exciting attractions is Eco Journey. This attraction provides an overview of the beauty that is on the face of the earth and how beauty was formed in the long term. It took at least millions to billions of years to form a beauty that we can enjoy now. Mountains, lakes, to lagoons formed by natural processes is a beautiful masterpiece that we must guard. However, all that can be damaged in just an instant by human activity. in Eco Journey, You can see images of nature and also the damage experienced by nature by humans. Lots of new knowledge and also how to care for this nature to stay sustainable.

6. The house upside down
The next interesting attraction in the Eco Green Jatim Park Zone is the upside-down House. Here the visitors can feel the sensation of entering a completely upside down world. You can take pictures in the house with a 180 degree design along with furniture that feels against gravity. Feel the sensation of walking and crawling on the ceiling of the house and even taking pictures together. The outside appearance alone will amaze, not to mention the appearance of household furniture that is also upside down. The condition of the furniture in another room, such as a kitchen for example. There, the dining table, the sink to wash the dishes, to the cutlery in the cupboard such as spoons, forks, plates also look upside down. Even when entering the bathroom, you will see all the toiletries, from the bathtub, shower, tap water, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and others also above the head.

7. Eco Science Center
The next attraction in the Eco Green Zone which is also very interesting is the Eco Science Jatim Park. With a temple-shaped building provides a variety of natural knowledge needed. Here visitors will find out what are the riches that can be generated by nature to the disasters that will arise if we do not protect the natural surroundings. There is an Earthquake Simulator, a Wind Simulator that you can try yourself! Not only that various kinds of natural rock that you can learn while walking around the Eco Science Center.

8. Giant Cage
Next we move to the Wildlife Museum Zone. When entering the animal museum, visitors will first be greeted by a giant bird cage. In this cage, visitors can take photos on various objects provided. Inside this giant cage there are additional ornaments such as flower gardens and bird sculptures. It is appropriate for objects to take beautiful photos

9. Galeri Fosil
Millions of years ago, giant animals lived on the earth. Its size is very large and some even reach the height of high rise buildings, making human size today has no meaning. The giant animals no longer live on earth. But, we can witness their relics and learn. Visitors can see a fossil collection of these large animals. In addition, visitors can also learn about the lives of these ancient animals.

The last attraction we will talk about in the Museum of Wildlife Museum is the Khazanah Fauna Knowledge. At the Khazanah Knowledge Fauna visitors will be guided to learn in more detail about the organs in various living things. Here elementary and middle school age visitors can also do mouse and frog surgery. At this location the visitor can be curious about how the heart of a rat is and what the digestive tract of a frog looks like.

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