Sempu Island Malang East Java Indonesia

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Sempu Island Malang East Java Indonesia 

Sempu Island Malang East Java Indonesia

Sempu Island is the nature reserve located in Malang East Java Island Indonesia. As a conservation area, not everyone can visit there carelessly. To enter this tourism area, the visitors must permit to the local government called BKSDA. After getting permission, visitors can walk or stay there but must still pay attention to cleanliness and conditions that have been set. The name of Sempu Island became famous because of its beautiful panorama. Even the island is said to be more beautiful than the Phi island in Thailand which is used as a place to shoot The Beach.

Location :
Pulau Sempu located on Sendang Biru Beach which is a fish auction place in Malang, precisely in South Malang, East Java. To get this tourism location, you have to rent a boat. Usually the boat driver will provide his contact number. so that, you will be contacted when You will return to the parkig area again after enjoy the Pulau Sempu tour.

The access of Sempu Island Malang 

You will be picked up by the driver from your place (juanda airport / bungurasih bus station), then heading to its location through Sidoarjo to Porong then to Pandaan Purwosari. then you will pass through the Botanical Gardens of Purwodadi and the city of Lawang Singosari. After arriving in Malang, the journey continues to Gadang. From there just go straight then turn left after passing the Krebet Sugar Factory and follow the sign posts heading towards the Spring. Arriving at the Pindad Factory, turn left and follow the road directions to Turen. From Turen, you just go straight up the road and turn through the hills as far as 30 km in Sumbermanjing. From the hills, you will enter the rural area of ​​Sumbermanjing. From here, the journey is still around 14 km to arrive at Sendang Biru Beach. From Sendang Biru just walk to the boat pick-up point.

Entrance Tickets and Boat Rates :
The entrance ticket to Sendang Biru Beach is IDR 100,000 per person for foreigner. The price for renting a boat is IDR. 500,000 per person.

Accommodation :

If you want to camp in Sempu, the cost of staying there is Rp. 20 thousand per person while the cost of parking a vehicle in Sendang Biru is Rp. 5 thousand per night, and must bring sufficient logistics like forest suits, carriers, nesting, bottles, dome tents, and plastic bags.

The beauty of Sempu Island

A boat trip to get to one of East Java's best natural attractions will present a wonderfull panorama.
Along the way, you will be spoiled with beautifull views of the Indian Ocean. Upon arrival, the boat will dock at the edge of the island. After getting off the boat, the adventure begins where you have to trace the path to get to the Blue Lagoon.

The path that must be traversed to the lagoon is quite challenging and must be careful not to trip over rocks that litter the path. The trekking path you pass is actually a conservation forest area. In addition, the path is also filled with rocks. Because of the jurney is quite heavy, make sure you have a thorough physical preparation in order to conquer the field. Although tiring, all the fatigue will pay off when you see the blue lagoon on Pulau Sempu which is so stunning. There, you can see clear sea water and beautiful coral reefs. 

Blue Lagoon is a lake formed by the ferocity of the southern sea. The water in the lagoon enters through the hollow coral walls. At noon, the lake is increasingly filled with water because the water is increasingly tidal. The visitors there usually spend time playing water and capture the beauty of Sempu in the camera shots taken.

Pulau Sempu is one of interesting place has become the Malang City tour, This tourism place suitable visited after exploring some places in Malang City like Coban Rondo Waterfall, Taman Langit, Omah Kayu and more. This tourism most recommended for local and foreigners. The tourist normally spend their time to this place after visit Mount Bromo and other places in East Java Island.

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