Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi Java Island Indonesia

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Sukamade Tutle Beach, Banyuwangi Java Island Indonesia

Sukamade Tutle Beach, Banyuwangi Java Island IndonesiaSukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi is the habitat where the turtles lay its eggs. You can admire huge turtle in this conservation site, Sukamade Beach called as paradise for turtles species, on the full moon times in Sukamade Coast appears huge turtle grouping reach the land for breeding, they lay their eggs in along coastal. In these places, many foreigners enjoy Sukamade Beach tour.

They witness directly the activities up to Sukamade turtle beach. Here, there are also semi natural hatchery to hatch turtle eggs have been collected by officers. Foreign and domestic visitors can participate actively in the business with the Sukamade turtle conservation activities following the release of tukik to sea after hatching in the semi-natural in Sukamade Beach Banyuwangi.

Sukamade Turtle Beach is about 97 km to south west of Banyuwangi district - East Java Island, part of the 55,845 hectare of Betiri Meru National Park. It is healthy as well as quiet, pleasing place, the sea water is still dean and the natural forest consists of varieties of plantation. Dutch detected it in 1927. Other objects of tourism in the beach sukamade mangrove forest is located in the estuary east coast Sukamade. Atherton river can be used in the afternoon while conducting the observation of birds (Bird Waching) as Roko-Roko, sea eagles, Dara Sea and many more birds, birds that can be observed, this is usually done while waiting for Sunset
A night adventure tour to "Sukamade Turtle Beach" is an unforgettable trip. You will be guided by a natural resource ranger to find sea turtles come a shore to lay eggs. You can see a female turtle lays more than a hundred eggs on the sandy beach. The female sea turtle usually starts to land at 07.30 p.m. and return to the sea at 12.00 p.m. November to March is usually the peak season of laying Sukamade Turtle Beach eggs.

Facilities in Sukamade Beach
The facilities at this location consist of Pondok Tours, Camping Ground, with space for meetings of shelters, road trail tourism, information centers, laboratories and Sukamade working house. About the Sukamade Homestay, you just have 1 option to stay overnight at local guesthouse provided by Meru Betiri National Park. Here, there's no restaurant or cafe, it's long distance from nearest village or small city, so we have to cook by ourself, everything bring from outside for our living there. And road infrastructure from Pesanggaran to Sarongan has been hardened by asphalt, but some part of road is destructed. We reach Sukamade Beach by Jeep 4 wheel drive or off road jeep type that has strong durability.

Sukamade Turtle Beach Tour, Banyuwangi Java Island Indonesia

Sukamade turtle beach tour is the nature exploration for fauna habitat especially for typical turtle in Sukamade Beach. You can reach this Coast by private tour car from Surabaya Airport, Malang and Banyuwangi. The nearest way to reach Sukamade Coast is from  Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor and Jember City. After you get Banyuwangi or Jember continue to Sarongan, driving all the way by private car and then in Sarongan we change to Jeep 4 WD or an opened Jeep, the local people called "taxis". this Jeep are used to keep a goods and produce. The one way to reach Sukamade Turtle Beach is only by local vehicles that can negotiate the steep tracks and rugged roads leading to Sukamade. Unless you’re using a 4 WD off - road vehicle, the final leg of the journey to Sukamade Turtle Beach can be very difficult. There’s no scheduled public transportation outside the Pesanggaran area. The distance between Pesanggaran to Sarongan is about 30 km, road to link between Sarongan to Sukamade is rocky with about 3 m width and having 12 km distance. It's very hard route.  

Sukamade Turtle Beach tour will feel very comfortable If you can combine your tour with other interested places around Banyuwangi such as Ijen Crater Tour and Mount Bromo tour package. From this combination tour, You will have opprtunity to admire variety of nature landscape such as the Blue Flame Ijen Crater Banyuwangi, Green Sulfuric Lake and best place to see Mount Bromo Sunrise, Sunset Photography, Popular Rafting and Waterfall. You can also visit other interested place in Banyuwangi such as Green Bay (Teluk Hijau), Rajekwesi Beach, Teluk Dami and Tanjung Papuma Beach Jember.

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Sukamade Beach, Banyuwangi Java Island Indonesia