Omah Kayu Malang (Tree House) Best relax place in Batu City

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Omah Kayu Tree House Batu Malang City

Omah Kayu in Malang City
Tree House at Malang also called Omah Kayu Malang located on Mount Banyak street, Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu City, East Java.  Omah Kayu designed strategicly have known as the best place for relax with nature landscape. This place very suitable for couple or the tourist who need to make relax while enjoy fresh and natural views of Batu City.

Tree House Malang stands among sturdy pine trees of  Panderman Mountain. So you do not have to worry about safety issues. It is a unique place have designed as visitors desire. To reach the Tree House in Batu Malang, You can start your trip from Surabaya Airport or Malang City. Most visitors usually make relax on Tree House tourism after finish Mount Bromo tour package or Ijen Crater tour Banyuwangi.

Tree House location very strategic because around this place arranged other interested places in Batu Malang City like Paragliding Tour, The best time to try Paragliding tour Malang is on June - August because in this time normally have good wind and able make your flying longer. other interested consist of Coban Rondo Waterfall, Songgority (natural hot spring), Selecta flower garden, Coban Rais, Taman Langit and other amazing place. During the day time or especially evenings, The panorama of Omah Kayu tree house Malang presented really special views that seem green and unique. If You feel boring with your daily work or activity, Sometime You can try this best place for relax with nature landscape.

The temperature on Omah Kayu Tree House Malang

The temperature of Omah Kayu Tree House Malang about 15 - 20 degree centigrade. This temperature very supported this place for relax with the mountain views. Omah Kayu tree house, also provided as the best place for stay 1 night, You can spend your time here because already available convenience rooms with wooden design. By staying for allnight inside the tree house, You can also able see night views like Milky Way and City landscape. You can take photo for Batu Malang City backdrop. The room rate of tree house between IDR. 500 - 600 per night.

Rumah Kayu Malang (Tree House) are ready served your coming in family type or couple type, It consist 6 units of  room. If you only need to enjoy the views without stay in Omah Kayu Malang, You can choose to stay in Hotel around Batu City have mostly near from this tourism.

Tree House or Wood House is a part of Malang City Tour, When you have a purpose to enjoy the nature views around this City, Wood House can be included in your vacation part. This tourism is really prsented the nature views and you can also possible enjoy Para-Gliding vacation after finished enjoy this part. Fresh and Cool temperature in Wood House will make you stay relaxly longer, Its temperarture little bit warmer then great temperature around Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater, Semeru volcano. Most visitors make a holiday destination at Tree House after finished enjoy Mount Bromo, Madakaripura Waterfall tour or other tourism around East Java Island.

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Omah Kayu Malang (Tree House) Best relax place in Batu Malang City

Tree House in Malang City possible stayed in all season, because it located in around the Mountain, If you are interested to enjoy this place and other nature tour, such as Mount Bromo Sunrise tour, Ijen Crater Tour, You can visit Our Contact.