Balekambang Beach


Balekambang Beach in Malang

Balekambang MalangBalekambang Beach Malang is amazing beach located on the south coast of the Indonesian Ocean, administratively It is settled in Sumber Jambe Hamlet, Srigonco Village , Bantur District of Malang City, East Java. The nature attraction in Balekambang is appeal of course Balekambang natural landscapes, huge waves and extending for two kilometers, as well as the sandy expanse. White sand area looks clean, quite convenient for visitors for vacation.

Balekambang Beach also known as the religious ritula place. In this shore, there is small temple that similar with the temple at Tanah Lot Bali. Balekambang not only amazing in the nature landscpe but also known as a religious tourism. Because on somedays, thousands of visitors come to this beach to perform the ritual. For Muslims, they undergo a ritual to visit the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Jalil (the first Muslim leader struggle to clean Balekambang from negative effect) Each first Sha'ban, pilgrims visit the tomb that located on the edge of Kali Berek, located about 1 km before entering this area. Derivation of Sheikh Abdul Jalil reportedly came from Jogjakarta. He was a noble family who have quite high religious knowledge. So that, He was so powerful influence the communities. Moreover, Sheikh Abdul Jalil won't compromise to the Dutch colonists.

Besides Muslims, The Hindus also make this beach as the main place for worship in once every year. Precisely on Nyepi Anniversary such as the annual ritual in Mount Bromo, located in Amarta Shrine or Usually known Amarta Temple Jati on the Ismoyo island. The island is indented in from the shoreline about 70 meters connected by a bridge. The existence of the temple is like a magnet for Balekambang Regency. Nyepi tradition by holding a Hinduism religious ritual always awaited by foreign and domestics tourists from all the world.

Around Balekambang Shore, There is a convenience lodge with resionable price and complete facility, You can choose to stay in this cottage when you need to admire the landscape directly or You can stay in hotels around Malang City or Batu City. Enjoy the Balaikambang Beach is very suitable If you combine with other tourism package like Mount Bromo Malang City tour, that consist of Picking Apple in Apple Palntation, Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park II, Transportation Museum, Coban Rondo Waterfall. If you are more interested to enjoy the nature by Flying Sport, You can try Paragliding in Malang or only taking picture from Omah Kayu Malang. There more interested places will you try after you stay in Malang City.

Most people usually spend their time to see the Balekambang Beach after They finish enjoy Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater tour, because this beach still located in East Java Island that able mostly reached from Surabaya Airport, Bali, Malang Airport and Yogjakarta. 

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Balekambang Beach Malang

The nearest way to reach Balekambang Beach Malang is from Malang Airport, Train Station and Hotel. The trip from Surabaya to Balekambang is 4 hours. If You are interested to visit Balekambang Malang and Mount Bromo tour , accommodation and facility, You can visit Our Contact.